“My favorite baking moment comes from being a Mother and teaching my children to bake. I have 2 girls, 9 and 6, and I’ve had them in the kitchen with me since they were about 3 years old. Holding spoons, stirring, cracking eggs, measuring and so on. When my oldest was still very young, around 4, she was cracking an egg and couldn’t get it all in the bowl spilling some on the counter and floor. She began to cry, thinking that she had done something wrong. I held her, told her it was okay and that it could be easily cleaned up. I promptly got an egg out of the bin and said “What do you think will happen if I throw this on the floor?” Her eyes got big as saucers and she didn’t say anything…. Going against my OCD nature with a big grin on my face I threw the egg on the floor and we both watched it break and splatter. She clapped her hands over her mouth and looked at me like I was crazy! I said “Not a thing! Just a little mess that can easily be cleaned up.” She laughed and giggled and her accident was long forgotten.
One of my proudest moments as a mother because it was exactly what she needed to make things all better. She remembers it to this day and still talks about me throwing an egg on the floor. gasp! 🙂 Even at this early of an age she wants to go to Culinary Art School and be a Baker of some kind.
This may not stand out or be the funniest or worst in terms of humor. But it is definitely one of my fondest memories in the kitchen with my girls.
This is a picture of Jules taken earlier this year while she made cupcakes for the first time by herself. No help from me other than putting them in the oven and taking them out!”

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