“The first time I made a baked alaska was a challenge to say the least! I had made the sponge cake in a half sheet pan after several attempts of over mixing the batter. I kept think to mix it just like you would any cake mix!

I then started my ice cream layers. I was using raspberry sorbet and a cream anglaise ice cream. The sorbet was melting and the ice cream was hard as a rock. When I put it on the sponge it was ripping it when I was trying to spread it! Oh and I was doing this free form, not in a pan!
Then I mixed my meringue, the only part that came out perfect! I piped it in beautiful spiky swirls. I them promptly realised I didn’t have a torch. I also obviously couldn’t put it under a broiler. I shoved the baked alaska into the freezer, threw my toddler into the car and headed to bed bath and beyond and bought a mini torch. I felt triumphant!
When I got home my son stood amazed as he watched me lightly toast the peaks and make the magic happen.
That was the best baked alaska I have ever eaten and I do believe my son agrees.”

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