“I love to bake! I was visiting my friends out of state a while back and wanted to do something nice for them to show my appreciation for their hospitality. I decided to make my highly regarded chocolate chip cinnamon rolls for Sunday breakfast.

My friend pointed me to her kitchen and showed me her canisters and spice cabinet and let me go. Everything went perfectly, they looked absolutely fantastic and smelled even better. I glazed them proudly. Myself and my friends and their two kids gathered around the table and waited for them to cool to the perfect just-warm temperature, and we all dug in.

And then we spit them out!!! My friend’s second largest canister, which I had assumed was sugar– was SALT! To this day, she teases me about using salt to make cinnamon rolls and I tease her about keeping 10lbs of salt in the sugar canister. (Seriously, the second largest canister should be sugar, right?!) :)”

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