I was perhaps 22 years old I wanted to participate in our county pie baking contest. Several years I had great intentions of entering the county fair and win the pie contest I found myself looking at recipes of endless ideas There were apple. cherry, blueberry, raspberry, and peach filling that looked so delicious and mouthwatering so delilectible that I couldn’t choose
My choice of pie crusts also was wide and varied Finally the day before fair I chose a peach pie with my great grandmothers :never fail” recipe
I labored over the crust then the fresh peach filling. Finally I was done! I popped the pie in the oven and waited for 50 minutes The pie came out looking wonderful I glazed the top of the pie then waited until the pie was golden brown I took out of the oven then waited for it to cool I placed my name with recipe and baking instructions. I placed the pie in an enclosed box then placed it on the floor wrapped carefully to take it safely to the judges at the county fair
As I was backing out of the driveway a cement truck for came behind me I didnt see it until it was right behind me I slammed on my brakes and the beautiful peach pie slide downward in on the floor and landed on its top! There was my beautiful peach pie in ruin,
I sat there in the driveway wondering what to do… I went back into my kitchen and sat down a the table “okay Okay” I said I have gone too much work to just quit now I had two hours left before the enteries for fair would be accepted..
I began again to make the pie the same as I did before but with one exception no pastry leaves on the top of the crust.
The oven bell rang there was 30 minutes to closing time I place the hot pie in the enclosed pie..Backed out of hte driveway very very carefully then drove to the fair
As I drove the pie cooled as I reached the gates of the fair entrance I close the box top
I took the pie to the designated area with my name. I thought that I would place last instead of first place in the pie enteries’
I waited until the fair exhibits opened. There in first place was my pie! I couldn’t believe eyes!
I took the ribbon home after the fair I wrote down the story of the county fair peach pie in my recipe book This story has been passed down to my daughter and now my granddaughters’ We all love to cook and bake and that story of the peach as been a teaching tool to all of us who have days of baking on bad days
Now we know that we just need to keep trying when we are attempting to try new recipes or we have days that the cook is having a bad
Cooking is in the gene pool =)

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