• January 30, 2013

In our family cheesecake will always be known as “sneeze cake.”  This spring I was baked a vanilla cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crust, which is a favorite of all three of my children.  I sliced and plated the cheesecake with the help of my eager 4 1/2 year old helper, Jacob.  He carried a plate out to his twelve year old sister who happened to be holding the two year old on her lap.  She had a huge smile when she got her plate until….my two year old turned and looked down at the piece of cheesecake and for some reason sneezed (very hard and loud) right on top of his sister’s dessert.  The look on her face was priceless as her baby brother sneezed all over her favorite dessert.  We have called it sneeze cake ever since.

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