DAY 8 OF OUR 12 DAYS OF COOKIES!! We’ve got another special treat for you coming from our brand ambassador Lynne Feifer of 365 Days of Baking & More! STAINED GLASS COOKIES! These are such clever cookies, that are easy to make, but look absolutely GORGEOUS! They are extremely festive- we highly recommend making these beautiful little cookies!!

Also, Lynne leaves us with a couple tips to remember when making this cookie: “When sprinkling the candy into the center, you want to get as little¬†as possible on the cookie itself because it doesn’t “go away” as I somehow thought it might. Where the heck did I think it would disappear to anyway? So, some were as close to perfect as I could get while others, you could tell Miss Lynne was getting tired from filling cookies with crushed candy.”

Lynne rates everything she makes on a scale of 1-4 and these Stained Glass Cookies earned 4 rolling pins! They were easy, fun and tasty to eat! Everyone she served them too absolutely LOVED THEM- kids and adults alike!!

Click for Lynne’s Stained Glass Cookies!