Day 3 of cookies cookies everywhere!! How about some beautiful festive Lime and Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies today?! These Lime and Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies make a delicious and festive addition to any dessert plate. They are made with a very tender lime and vanilla¬† infused shortbread cookie dough and topped with a thumbprint full of cranberry sauce. You can use just about any cranberry sauce for this recipe – homemade or store-bought – as long as it has chunks of real fruit in it because that will give you the best flavor in your cookies. The cookies can be baked in advance and stored for a couple of days before serving, and you can even bake up a double batch if you know that you’ll have a crowd to feed!

This festive recipe was created by our brand ambassador Nicole Weston, award winning author of Baking Bites! Be sure to visit her site for more holiday recipe ideas!