We say everything cookie… and what do you think of? Well…. everything right? Our brand ambassador Kim Nguyen of Lovin’ From the Oven, has put her own spin on these classic little Everything Cookies that’s perfect for the holiday season and truly does include EVERYTHING! From ingredients all the way to a wonderfully meaningful recipe that holds personal holiday joy for her and her family!!

“The cookie itself has a crumbly texture and tends to fall apart while melting in your mouth. Every add-in is essential for this cookie and I wouldn’t leave anything out of it! It’s different from other cookies because it involves the use of vegetable oil on top of butter. Don’t let the long list of ingredients scare you, they’re really easy and worth every minute to make!”

Cookie Anecdote: “I got this recipe from my aunt years ago on a little recipe card that looks like it’s been used and abused because it’s been through so much in the kitchen. It has a vanilla drop in one corner, grease from a cookie dough crumb that fell on it years ago, and smudges here and there. You can always tell the best cookie recipes just by a simple glance at the condition of the recipe card. It’s my dad’s favorite cookie and it’s the one that he requests the most. They’re called everything cookies because it really does have everything in it!”

Click for Kim’s Everything Cookie Recipe!