We’re having so much fun with our 12 DAYS OF COOKIES!! And for DAY TWO, we’re bringing you some delicious Cocoa Peppermint Cookies + Melted Candy Cane Frosting!! These little treasures are crushed candy canes that have been melted down into a light pink and minty filling that is sandwiched between two cocoa roll-out cookies. ‘Tis the season for candy cane and this sandwich cookie has all the festive cheer – in bite-sized cookie form!!

These cookies are brought to you by our brand ambassador Lillie Auld of Butter Me Up Brooklyn! She’s featured our rich cocoa and sweet vanilla and combined them with minty peppermint to bring you the absolute perfect holiday cookie!

Cookie Anecdote:
“The idea for melted candy cane frosting came as a happy accident when I was helping my friend get ready for a holiday party and at the last minute I needed a festive dessert. I threw some crushed candy canes into a bit of cream and whipped the liquid into a simple buttercream frosting that became a beautiful soft pink color with the kiss of peppermint flavor. It was a big hit at the party and cocoa roll-out cookies are the perfect match for this filling. It has quickly become one of my holiday favorites!”

Be sure to checkout Lillie’s Blog, Butter Me Up Brooklyn for more incredible recipe ideas!!