It’s that time of year again- 12 DAYS OF COOKIES!! Our first delicious recipe was created by the incredible Lillie Auld from Butter Me Up Brooklyn, our brand ambassador!!

You’re in for a treat with these Bourbon-spiked Frosted Eggnog Cookies! A pinch of spice and a hearty dose of bourbon in both the cookie and the buttercream frosting is what gives these cookies a boozy kick – without having to share your holiday stash of eggnog!

Lille told us they were inspired by: “My holiday goal of tipping bourbon into everything I bake got to a new level when I made this cookie. The bourbon flavor really shines in this frosted soft and light-spiced drop cookie. This recipe is part of ‘The Curated Cookie Platter’ which I put together for the holidays and is coming soon for all of your holiday cookie platter needs!”

Be sure to stop by Butter Me Up Brooklyn for more incredible recipes and holiday inspired cookbooks!