• August 30, 2013



We think beautiful, decadent hor d’oeurves, creative cocktails, and charming presentation are the bees knees, but want to keep it simple and approachable too! Each month, we collaborate on our finest ideas here at Rodelle to give you the best, do-it-yourself gourmet ideas possible! Look forward to do-it-yourself projects, incredible recipes and party planning insights!

But we know cocktail parties can be a lot of work, so we’ve worked hard to simplify recipes without sacrificing any of the incredible taste. We created a super scrumptious menu with a bit of elegance, a dash of charm and flavors that will blow your mind!  These recipes are surprisingly simple to put together and can all be prepared ahead of time! Lobster Bread Pudding Bites with Vanilla Bean Chive Sauce, Frozen Vanilla Infused Cocktails, and Caprese with Vanilla Bean Olive Oil and Vanilla Balsamic Glaze.

The Perfect Party Tip:  When planning for a cocktail party, remember that bite size portions are the BEST idea! They ensure ease for the guest and ease for you! It is amazing how many things you can bake in a mini muffin pan! From baked mac and cheese to our unbelievable Mini Lobster Bread Pudding, Mini Cookie Bites and more! Make sure to stay tuned for our Holiday Cocktail Party for more adorable bite size ideas!

And be sure to sign up for recipe postcards to receive each month’s update! Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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We would like to make you aware of some minor packaging changes over the next few months. While we have seen a surge in demand for Rodelle Vanilla this year, the recent pandemic has caused many disruptions in the packaging supply chain. At times, you may notice a different color cap or a different type of bottle when you buy our vanilla. Inside the bottle is the same Rodelle Vanilla with the taste and quality that you have come to trust over the years.