A Rich History

Rodelle is dedicated to making a lasting impact and delighting our consumers.

The Rodelle story began in 1936 when a food chemist from France left the city lights of Paris to settle in Denver, Colorado. Shortly thereafter, upon realizing that the United States lacked a high-quality pure vanilla extract supplier, two business partners decided to mine their knowledge and connections to produce their own premium vanilla stateside. That decision led to the founding of Rodelle Laboratories, which soon revolutionized the world of gourmet flavorings and baking ingredients.

The chateau depicted in the Rodelle logo is both a nod to the French culture that ignited our passion for premium ingredients as well as a visual that conveys the sense of belonging and nostalgia associated with enjoying amazing food in the company of loved ones… at home.

Quality minded, community focused

Over the years, Rodelle has pursued projects that improve the overall standard of living in vanilla bean-growing regions such as Madagascar and Uganda. In 2015, we established partnerships with farmer cooperatives in Madagascar. Almost 80% of the world’s vanilla is sourced from Madagascar, where it’s produced and collected from villages in a complex supply chain. To ensure traceability and supply, ADM has streamlined the traditional supply chain to bring our customers vanilla direct from the source. Through our partnership, we are the industry’s first farmer-owned processor and exporter of vanilla beans, rooting our supply chain at the origin source. 

In 2018 Rodelle was acquired by Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), a global leader specializing in agricultural origination and processing. With ADM’s backing, we gain technical and logistical expertise, significantly improving our ability to support initiatives aimed at raising the standards of living for our farmers.

Today, Rodelle is dedicated to making a lasting impact by:

  • Continuing to foster relationships with vanilla farmers to improve their quality of life
  • Ensuring product and supply chain transparency so consumers can make informed purchasing decisions
  • Delivering a line of culinary products designed to delight those who love cooking and baking, from the novice bakers to the seasoned pros

From our Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans to our Dutch-processed baking cocoa and our Herbes de Provence, quality will always come first. We offer a complete line of superior baking ingredients, baking extracts, and gourmet spice blends produced in our wind-powered manufacturing facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Rodelle is proud to be a world leader in the production of authentic vanilla flavors and premium cooking and baking ingredients. We look forward to continuing to serve – both our valued customers and the dedicated farming communities that make it all possible – for years to come.

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    P.J. de Flores, a food chemist from France, leaves Paris to settle in Denver, Colorado.

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    P.J. de Flores and business partner Max Lucero incorporate Rodelle Laboratories, Inc. as a vanilla extraction and flavoring company located at 19th Street and Wazee in downtown Denver. (Rodelle is the name of a small village in southern France and, at the time, was an established vanilla company with headquarters in Paris. The new US branch of Rodelle is unaffiliated with the Paris company.)

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    Max Lucero passes away and his wife, Rebecca, becomes a partner in the company.

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    Rodelle moves into its new home at 2700 Arapahoe Street in Denver.

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    P.J. de Flores marries Rebecca Lucero and company ownership is assumed by the de Flores family.

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    P.J. de Flores suffers a fatal stroke, and Rebecca de Flores takes over the company. She then runs Rodelle along with her sister until 1982.

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    Rodelle Laboratories is sold to Steve Deekhuizen and his associates. Rebecca de Flores retires at the age of 80.

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    Deekhuizen sells the Rodelle Laboratories business to Fort Collins spice manufacturer Custom Blending.

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    The first retail-size bottle of Rodelle Pure Vanilla Extract is sold to Steele’s Markets in Fort Collins, expanding the business beyond commercial vanilla sales into a more mainstream retail outlet.

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    Rodelle begins working with Conservation International to help vanilla farmers live better lives in Madagascar.

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    Rodelle builds a new, state-of-the-art facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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    Construction is completed on 32,000 sq. ft. expansion complete with a new extraction facility and manufacturing capabilities.

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    Rodelle begins working formally with partners in Madagascar.

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    Archer Daniels Midland Company acquires Rodelle, which operates under the ADM Nutrition division.

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    Rodelle launches Fairtrade Organic Vanilla with our partners in Madagascar.

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    State of the art, high-speed bottle in a box production line commissioned.