Welcome Kelly Lynn!


What makes Friday afternoons even sweeter than they already are? A double-layer double chocolate cake does the trick for us! Our newest Brand Ambassador, Kelly Mikolich, made this lovely creation to showcase the deep, rich flavor of Rodelle Gourmet Baking CocoaKelly Lynn’s Sweets & Treats is a great resource for from-scratch baking recipes (like this chocolate layer cake)! Kelly is a self-taught baker with a knack for showing her readers techniques and tips to ensure that even the most novice baker can make her recipes. From staples like cookies and vanilla marshmallows, to decadent cupcakes and everything in between, you’ll be sure to find a recipe that inspires you!

Here’s a little bit of information about the chocolate cake recipe from Kelly:

“This is a super moist, super chocolatey cake that is sure to please the chocolate lovers out there! Buttermilk and coffee are just two of the ingredients in this cake that make this cake amazing! Just like usual, this chocolate cake beats out all the box-mix competition! This cake is easy to mix up and you have pan options too…bake in a 9 x 13-inch baking pan or divide the batter equally into two 9-inch round cake pans. Both take about the same bake time, but always keep an eye on your cake.  You don’t want to over bake a chocolate cake!”

Oh, and don’t miss this post – it comes with a sweet giveaway of Rodelle goodies that you can use to bake up your own treats at home: Rodelle Gourmet Baking CocoaRodelle Vanilla Extract and Rodelle Chocolate Extract! Just be sure to visit Kelly Lynn’s Sweets & Treats by 2/26 to get entered!


Cocoa, Vanilla and Figs!


Valentine’s Day is officially over, but we’re still celebrating perfect matches for the rest of the month! We’ve teamed up with Valley Fig Growers to highlight the delicious magic that can be achieved when you combine great ingredients in the right recipes. Cocoa, vanilla extract, and California Figs are a match made in heaven. Two lucky winners will receive either a Rodelle prize pack (by entering the giveaway on Valley Fig’s site) or a bundle of delicious figs (by entering the giveaway on Rodelle’s site).

Both Rodelle and Valley Fig created a series of delicious recipes showcasing how well our products go together to make delicious magic:

Cocoa Fig Jam Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies: These delicious double-chocolate cookies are the perfect vehicle for a subtly chocolatey fig jam dollop. This chocolate fig jam is not overpoweringly chocolate-flavored, so it would also be lovely on a cheese tray or even as a spread on a turkey sandwich!

Chocolate Brie en Croute with Dried Figs: This Brie en croute appeals to both types of people – those who would prefer a sweet treat after dinner and others who go for a cheese plate. Encased in croissant dough, you won’t be disappointed by this stunning dessert’s flavors!

California Fig Chocolate Babka: Bake a loaf of this babka recipe to serve at breakfast as toasted or French toast. You can even serve it for lunch as a peanut butter jelly sandwich! We love the chocolate fig spread that you’ll see in every slice of this perfect loaf developed by The Little Epicurean!

Rustic Vanilla Bean Fig Tartlets: This tart is a delicious blend between tasty figs and sweet Rodelle Vanilla Beans. This simple recipe will produce a dessert that will make any mouth water!

Don’t miss your chance to enter our fun, figgy giveaway!

Enter here for a Valley Fig Growers Prize Pack

Enter here for a Rodelle Prize Pack

All entries must be submitted by midnight on Wednesday, February 28th!

No-Bake Cocoa Truffles


We’re excited to share a little sneak peek of one of our newest Brand Ambassador’s very delicious recipes. Let’s first take a few minutes to share a little bit about Shamira, the talented voice behind Smiling Notes!

Recipes, travel adventures and restaurant reviews are all available on Shamira’s blog, and we find ourselves being extra motivated to do some serious exploring because of the variety of content! For the home cook, you will find an assortment of recipes – from sweet to savory! It’s obvious that cooking is a passion of Shamira’s and it shows in her creative and delicious recipes. Check out Smiling Notes for everything from smoothie bowls to pie and your newest favorite appetizer.

Ok…let’s talk about truffles. Shamira’s no-bake, extra-rich, truffles had our attention from the first moment we saw them! With a basic, simple, base recipe, these truffles are the perfect outlet to get creative and make these your own – decorate them with large sprinkles, dip them in melted chocolate, or simply roll them in some cocoa powder. The pure chocolate flavors of these truffles pair excellently with red wine for an extra delicious after-dinner treat.

Because the base of these truffles is so basic, only 4 ingredients, it’s important to use the best quality ingredients. Shamira says in her post, “To make these truffles extra rich and heavenly tasting, its crucial to use a great quality cocoa powder. I’ve used Rodelle’s Gourmet Cocoa Baking Powder to achieve that.” We think she made the right call!

Please join us in welcoming Shamira as our newest Ambassador & if you make her no-bake truffles, let us know what you think!

>> Make No-Bake Cocoa Truffles!

The Welcoming Winter Winners!


Last month, we celebrated the close of our Welcoming Winter sweepstakes with KitchenAid – and it was challenging to pick the winners from a long list of great participants! We’re excited to share the winners with y’all, but first, a big thank you to every single one of you who participated, entered, shared, liked and followed along during the contest! Our team loved your Facebook posts, Instagram and Pinterest follows and Tweets that we saw!!

For each prize level, we shared some great Rodelle gourmet vanilla ingredientsbaking essentials and gourmet seasonings! Here are the remaining Winners from the Rodelle Welcoming Winter contest!

1st Place Prize Winners

Chad Boyd in Virginia

Elizabeth Resch in Wisconsinwelcome_winter_art-04

Michael Grammer in Indiana

Geraldlee Verwolf in Texas

Sonya Morris in North Carolina

Steve Weber in Wisconsin

David Lintz in Texas

Cynthia Deadmon in North Carolina

Lauren Peterson in Maryland

Suhair Mohammed in Illinois

Jana Gramaglia in North Carolina

Grand Prize Winners

Dina Lindquist in Michigan

Kaye Newman in Alabama

Kim Shoumaker in Texas

Mary Beth Elderton in Missouri


Congratulations to all of our winners! We can’t wait to see what you use your ingredients and KitchenAid prizes to make! And, if you didn’t win this round, we’ve got an exciting contest coming your way for Valentine’s Day!! Stay tuned!