Vanilla Day 5k!

The Rodelle Vanilla Day 5K on Sunday, September 25th will be a healthy, fun celebration of the world's most popular flavor! We are looking forward to this Northern Colorado event to enjoy local vanilla treats with you!

Rodelle Cares

Rodelle's social programs include a vanilla farming association partnership, fundraising for education in Madagascar and using renewable resources to power our production facility and offices. Rodelle Cares and we want to show you how!

Welcome to Rodelle Kitchen!

Fine cooking begins with quality ingredients. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing at Rodelle for over 80 years, developing superior baking extracts and gourmet spice blends with unrivaled flavor. At Rodelle, we are passionate about making good food taste great. From our Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans to our Dutch-processed baking cocoa and our Herbes de Provence, quality comes first. We offer a complete line of superior baking ingredients, baking extracts, and gourmet spice blends that will take your culinary adventures from good to grand.

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