Rodelle Cinnamon – What’s the Difference?

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We’re already ramping up production for fall baking and cooking at Rodelle! And, we’ve been busy launching our line of Organic Ground Spices, including Turmeric, Ginger and Cinnamon. Because Rodelle now offers two types of Cinnamon, we wanted to demonstrate some of the unique characteristics of each product in this post.

Let’s start with the basics. All varieties of cinnamon are obtained from the inner bark of trees from the genus Cinnamomum – the majority of the world’s cinnamon is produced in Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Cinnamon has many uses in sweet and savory foods, and has been used in many different ethnic cuisines for centuries. Many people also have relied on cinnamon for its antioxidant, healing and health properties. You can read more about the health benefits of cinnamon in this article!

The two primary types of Cinnamon in the United States are Cassia and Ceylon. Most of the cinnamon you will find on the shelves is cassia cinnamon which has a notably strong, spicy flavor. Rodelle’s Gourmet Cinnamon Sticks are from the cassia genus and perfect for several baking, cooking and lifestyle applications. Because the cassia cinnamon is much thicker and stronger than ceylon cinnamon, if you want to grind Rodelle Cinnamon Sticks at home, we recommend working in very small batches with a high-powered spice grinder. That being said, we definitely prefer recipes that take advantage of the whole length and unique beauty of the whole cinnamon sticks. Some of our favorite ways to use whole cinnamon sticks: garnish on cupcakes, brewed into a comforting mulled wine, as part of a DIY scent freshener, and simmered in recipes like Apple Butter!

Ceylon Cinnamon is known by many as “true cinnamon” – it is distinctive because of its lighter color, sweeter flavor and lower levels of coumarin – which can be detrimental when consumed in very high quantities. Cinnamon has long been demonstrated to be beneficial when used in moderation for medical purposes (under the guidance of your physician), and many people seek out ceylon cinnamon for this reason. Rodelle Organic Ceylon Cinnamon is conveniently ground and easy to add to your oatmeal, smoothies, cookies, soups and more! We recommend having both types of Cinnamon, whole stick and ground, in your pantry to use in different applications. You can find both products seasonally at select Costco stores, and we’ll have the products available in our Amazon store by the end of the summer!


4 thoughts on “Rodelle Cinnamon – What’s the Difference?

  1. I stopped in my tracks when I spotted, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, on Costco spice shelf.
    I had been searching stores in the Phoenix, AZ area for this product to no avail. I, therefore, was excited to have found it at Costco and purchased a container. Prior to Thanksgiving while preparing a dessert in which cinnamon was required, I opened the container and noticed that the foil seal had been opened. I used this opportunity to smell the ceylon cinammon and noticed it had an almost non-existant scent of cinnamon. Needless to say, I returned the product to Costco and purchased another. To my dismay, it too, was practically odorless and tasteless. The second cantainer of your Organic Cylon Cinnamon, I also returned to Costco and voiced my displeasure with the product to the manager. Bad product!

    • Hi Gerald,

      We apologize for the experience you had with our product and we will email you to reach out with more information.

      Thank you,


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