Muffins with serious flavor!

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We’ve had a couple of long months of eating our way through the healthiest of food groups, and we’re ready for a little change. We’re going to keep the good-for-you stuff going, but we’re adding in the occasional sweet treat with our breakfasts, brunch and grab-and-go snack attack sessions. Some of our most popular recipes are for muffins that are high in flavor (thank you to the world’s best vanilla extract!) and just the right size (not too big, not too small) to hit all the right spots on the taste buds!

Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins – Starting things off with a not too decadent option. Using Greek yogurt in this recipe cuts the fat and adds a great moisture. These raspberry white chocolate muffins are delightful, delicious, and down-right yummy! Serve these as a special breakfast treat  or whenever you want to share a sweet morsel with your favorite loved-ones!

Lemony Coffee Cake Muffins – Indulge in these spring inspired muffins! Rodelle lemon extract and vanilla are the perfect combination of flavors to enhance these deliciously plump blueberries!

Peach Financier Recipe – These financiers aren’t pretending to be something they’re not; they pack all the delicious cake flavors to make every calorie worth it. And who doesn’t like cake for breakfast? Exactly!

Vanilla Apple Streusel Muffins – These Vanilla Apple Streusel Cupcakes are so simple to make. Not to mention, they really are the perfect combination of spices to enhance the delicious apple flavor! That streusel though!!

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins We’ve added our Rodelle Vanillas to these muffins which transports the flavors in this recipe from tempting to tantalizing. These may just be the most enticing muffins you’ve ever eaten.

Moral of the story…when in doubt, make a muffin, eat one and carry on. We’re baking up a couple big batches for the weekend!

Congrats, Valentine’s Day Giveaway Winners!!

Check out this video on how to split a vanilla bean - talk about rich flavor from all those  vanilla bean seeds!

Check out this video on how to split a vanilla bean – talk about rich flavor from all those vanilla bean seeds!

Now that the excitement of President’s Day and Valentine’s Day are behind us, we’ve got all of our winners from the Rodelle Valentine’s Day Giveaway in place. We want to thank everyone who participated – it is so FUN to see how many people share our deep love for Vanilla! The best vanilla extract is only possible because of the best fans (and the best vanilla plants, of course) out there!!

Without further ado, here are the winners from Rodelle’s biggest Valentine’s Day Contest ever!

Ann Demill in Ontario
Craig Brown in Minnesota
Holly Boland in Virginia
Jennifer Essad, Gayle Watkins, Lori Jean Williams and John James Williams in Florida
Cris S Gauer in Texas
Sharon Schmidt in Mississippi
Suzanne Higdon DeSantis in Tennessee
Cindy Ellis Battle in Georgia
Deborah Curran in New York
Pamela Jean Rehm in South Carolina
Susan Jordan in Alabama
Jennifer Phillips in Indiana
Mindi Eden in Kentucky
Christina Cannon in New Mexico
Terry Poage in Louisiana
Alexis Bertch in Alabama
Susan Carroll in North Carolina

20 16oz bottles of Vanilla Extract is a lot of Vanilla goodness that we sent out! Don’t fear – if you didn’t win, we have plenty of vanilla left! You can find out where to buy Rodelle on our website, by clicking here. Or, you can buy online on Amazon! 

Enjoy the rest of the winter – we’ll be back with a fun contest with our friends at KitchenAid in the spring!!

A Very Vanilla Valentine’s Day


We’re toasting a lot of sweet people in our life this Valentine’s Day: family and friends to our wonderful Rodelle employees, fans and customers! We’ve collected our favorite Valentine’s Day recipes for menu inspiration. If you’ve already got your menu planned, we encourage you to try these out sometime this year – they are really great for making every day a little fancier.

Vanilla, Blood Orange and Champagne combine in this delicious, flirty cocktail – accompanied with our “Cupid’s Shot” Cocktail for the whisky lover in your life!

The best vanilla beans adorn the following yummy recipes: Drunken Cherry Pavlova (trust us!), Double Vanilla Creme Brulee (a easy-to-make at home classic), and Triple Chocolate No-Bake Cheesecake (no explanation necessary)!

Some of our delicious baking recipes with the best vanilla extract and dutch processed baking cocoa: Rodelle Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins (so delicious for any breakfast occasion!), Mexican Chocolate Pudding Cake (self saucing and so good with vanilla bean whipped cream!), Vanilla Bean Rice Krispie Treat Cupcakes (homemade cake never tasted so good) and last but not least…Mocha Cupcakes with Espresso Buttercream Frosting (buzzing with joy!).

We hope you bake your little hearts out and share some love via baked treats with the special ones in your life! xoxoxo, Rodelle!