I Sugar Coat It!

Jacquee Stephens is the talented voice behind I Sugar Coat It! and the newest Rodelle Brand Ambassador! Join us in welcoming Jacquee and her incredible talents to the Rodelle “team”! We can’t stop celebrating with her Chocolate Vanilla Swiss Roll with Coconut Whipped Cream – it is dangerous! new logo lrg With a little lemon, vanilla and gourmet baking cocoa, it’s a delicious cake you, your friends, and your family will be thinking about for a while! Jacquee was kind enough to show some step by step directions for rolling this delicate sponge cake and now we can’t stop!!

Jacquee’s unforgettable blog is all things sweet, and occasionally some savory dishes mixed in for fun. We love that Jacquee uses the highest quality ingredients to inspire her beautiful and delicious creations. Hailing from Canada, Jacquee found our Gourmet Baking Cocoa in her local COSTCO store – and we couldn’t be more glad that she did.

Check out her fabulously organized recipe list filled with cakes, cookies and more!


Rodelle Reserve is here!

Rodelle Reserve French Oak Aged Vanilla Extract

Rodelle is so excited to launch our newest, ultra-premium vanilla extract! Rodelle Reserve French Oak Aged Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract…at a suggested retail price of $50 for a 6.75 ounce bottle, Rodelle Reserve elevates the company’s already highly-regarded line of superior baking essentials by being the first of its kind available. This high-end gourmet vanilla extract is for savvy consumers; Rodelle Reserve is an exciting announcement for the company.

Eighty years in the making, Rodelle Reserve is one of the most complex and carefully crafted vanilla extracts now available. Founded in 1936, Rodelle has produced high-quality vanilla products for both professional and home baking applications. Rodelle Reserve celebrates the traditional aspects of vanilla manufacturing while utilizing the most-advanced extraction techniques of today to create a luxury vanilla product. Rodelle’s process engineers carefully crafted small batches of two-fold, pure vanilla extract with premium quality gourmet vanilla beans handpicked from Madagascar. Then, like Rodelle’s process in the 1930’s, the vanilla was aged for months in French Oak barrels to enhance the natural flavors and aromas inherent in vanilla extract. Dr. Krishna Bala, co-founder of Rodelle, explains: “Aging vanilla in oak barrels softens the harsher elements of the alcohol that all vanilla extracts must contain, while smoothing out complex vanilla flavors and increasing the intensity by generating more flavor molecules.” The flavors found in Rodelle Reserve are unlike any other vanilla extract.

Rodelle Reserve offers a small-batch vanilla experience that was previously unavailable to consumers. The flavors and quality found in Rodelle Reserve will enhance any baking occasion from an everyday experience to a memory that your family will cherish forever. In addition to the superior quality of Rodelle Reserve, Rodelle carefully packaged and presents the vanilla as a beautiful addition for any home. From stunning, imported Italian glass bottles to a made-to-fit pour-spout cap, each bottle of Rodelle Reserve is unique. Rodelle’s team also carefully selected one whole gourmet Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean to be added to each bottle, so no two bottles will be the same.

Rodelle Reserve brings the quality standard of professional bakers into the home to make make bakers’ dreams come true. “Rodelle has pioneered vanilla traditions and processes since 1936,” says Joe Basta, co-founder of Rodelle, Inc. “Rodelle Reserve is the best vanilla extract available with the purest of ingredients and a vintage feel that honors the heritage of the world’s favorite flavor,” he says. “Rodelle is excited to launch this innovative, luxury vanilla extract,” Basta concludes.

For more details on Rodelle Reserve and the history of Rodelle, visit http://rodelle.co/reserve. Rodelle Reserve is available online at Amazon.com and in the near future at select retailers.

A Cookie Named Desire!

AmandaPowell_CookieNamedDesireMeet Amanda, the lovely and talented voice behind the blog “A Cookie Named Desire” and Rodelle’s newest Brand Ambassador!! With a blog title containing one of the most popular sweet treats (is there a ever a bad time for cookies?), you know you are going to be in for a smattering of some of the best recipes out there! Amanda grew up experiencing a lot of places, foods and cultures, and her recipes demonstrate the deep connection and awareness she has for many types of food and cuisines. We love the sprinkling of savory recipes on Amanda’s site, and you know we’ll always stay for dessert. Check out her long and varied list of recipes today!

And, in keeping with the celebration, join us in wishing Amanda a very Happy Birthday! Let’s join her in celebrating with this over-the-top amazing cake that she created for the occasion. Feast your eyes on this Vanilla Bean Cake with Bourbon Peach Compote and Spicy Caramel Popcorn:

bourbon-soaked-peach-compote-spicy-caramel-popcorn-cake-recipeWe’ll take two slices!

Scrumptious Spring Sweepstakes Winners

LowFat Spring Berry Yogurt Cake - Rodelle Contest Winner Darci Bos

Rodelle is excited to announce that we have judged the entries, recipes and stories submitted in the Scrumptious Spring Sweepstakes and we’ve arrived at our winner! Actually, we have selected two winners! With over 100 entries from several countries, the competition was fierce; and, we really appreciate everyone of you who took time to share the contest, enter your recipe and follow along with us as the contest spanned the last few months!

The Rodelle team reviewed the Scrumptious Spring Sweepstakes entries and enjoyed the exotic ingredients that accompanied many of the contest submissions. Rodelle received recipes for everything from a Mimosa Cake made in Hungary to a Tropical Fruit Japanese Cheesecake made in California! Each entry was truly a great reminder of the powerful memories that certain foods and flavors can create for people across the world.

Now…onto the winners!


Darci from
Lebanon, Tennessee – Low Fat Berry Yogurt Cake

Upon reading Darci’s entry, we knew she was our kind of girl…suggesting cake for breakfast? We’re all over that! Darci’s short and sweet explanation: “This cake is VERY low in fat. It can be eaten as breakfast, brunch or dessert. It has such a nice light and fluffy flavor and is so perfect and beautiful for spring!” And, her stunning picture of the yogurt cake bursting with spring and summer berries? We are in! Darci is thrilled to replace her handheld mixer with the new KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer and give her arms a break…we just hope that means more cakes coming our way!

Get Darci’s recipe for her Low Fat Berry Yogurt Cake on our site and use up some of the best berries of the year!

If you weren’t selected…do not fret – we’re giving you more chances to win all summer long with the Rodelle Summer Sweetstakes – 15 chances to win and ways to enter every day! Click here to learn more!


Sarah from London, United KKaranchi Puri - Coconut Swirls - Rodelle contest winner Sarah Dhoratingdom: Karanchi Puri – Coconut Swirls

Sarah shares, “My husband is Indian so I have challenges to make certain sweet desserts for him and the family. I developed this recipe and the good thing about it is that, unlike other Indian sweets, it is not too sweet. The coconut gives a unique taste and with the crunchy bite from the Indian pastry, it is full of flavour and textures. It is fun too because of the design and colour and you can change the colour of the coconut to whatever you desire. I am going to be 57 soon so I am very happy with my achievement with this recipe that I adapted to suit the taste buds of everyone including my children and grandchildren who eat them straight from the oven.”

We loved that Sarah took on the challenge of creating a dessert that her whole family could love and was gracious enough to share her recipe with us for this Indian sweet! And, as our first winner from the United Kingdom, we made sure Sarah was ready to take on such an award. Sarah wrote back with much excitement, saying “My children and grandchildren are jumping with joy it is quite a scene.!” We know that Sarah and her family will be extra excited to recieve her new KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer and the great big bundle of Rodelle Vanilla Goodies. And, with the upcoming arrival of our Rodelle Vanilla Beans in Costcos, it will be like a regular takeover of the baking scene on the other side of the pond!

Get Sarah’s recipe for Coconut Swirl Cookies on our site and try them out for your family!