#Follow Friday: To Die For

StrawberryBananaBreadFor those of you who don’t yet know Erin Ireland, she is the incredible creator of the To Die For Banana Bread and author of the blog To Die For. She is based out of Vancouver, Canada and has so many incredible tips and tricks for all things food out there!

If you get the opportunity you’ll have to get some of her To Die For Banana Bread!! It’s incredible!! And in the spirit of Spring, Erin has created a new recipe To Die For Strawberry Banana Bread. As she states- bananas and strawberries are meant to be together, and we couldn’t agree more!! If you are ever out there, be sure to pick up a piece, and let us know what you think!!

While we can’t post the secret recipe to her incredible To Die For Banana Bread, we can share an Erin original made with our Rodelle Gourmet Baking Cocoa: Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie!

#Follow Friday: Eat the Love!

If you haven’t been to Eat the Love yet, you are certainly missing out!! Irvin, the wonderful author this fantastic blog uses his talents to combine amazing flavor profiles, with beautiful graphics and food photography! WE ARE IN LOVE!!

We thought we’d mix up our usual dessert and savory recipe posting and focus on breakfast recipes. And what could be better this time of year than blueberries, peaches and coffee cake?! That’s why when we saw Irvin’s AMAZING Peach and Blueberry Coffee Cake, we absolutely had to give it a #FF shoutout (Follow Friday).

We highly recommend this Peach and Blueberry Coffee Cake recipe because it takes every single ingredient and step into account. Irvin mentioned not liking how peaches often don’t have a very bold flavor, and will sink to the bottom of the coffee cake. So, he cooked them first to “help concentrate the flavor and then a bit of thickener… to keep them from sinking to the bottom.” Such a great, detail-oriented idea. You can bet that this coffee cake has such incredible flavor that is definitely a step above your traditional coffee cake recipe!!

If you have time for more than just the recipe, one of our favorite things about Irvin is that he takes time to share his experiences about his food, and why he made it. We really appreciate the authenticity of what he does, and his true love for food and the impact is has on people. Be sure to stop by his website and be inspired!!

What is a cobbler? A Crisp? Or a Buckle?

We’re pretty excited, because this blog is a sneak peak into our AMAZING upcoming recipes that will be posted tomorrow…. 3 different fruit bakes – Three Berry Buckle, Three Berry Crisp, and a Three Berry Cobbler! While making these recipes, we got to thinking about how similar all three were and figured other people might think so too!

Therefore, we thought it’d be helpful to take a second to tell you what exactly makes a buckle a buckle, a crisp a crisp, and a cobbler a cobbler.

Almost all of these traditional recipes involve fruit (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, or strawberries), butter, sugar, vanilla extract, and flour.

To begin, a buckle is very similar to cake batter as far as texture goes. The difference is, the cake batter goes on the bottom of the pan, and then the fruit and and toppings over it. Because of the fruits density it continues to sink, therefore when the batter is baked, it rises around the fruit causing it to “buckle,” which is where the name comes from.

Next, is the crisp, which is very similar to a crumble. A crumble is where the filling of fresh fruit has a streusel topping that’s made from a mixture of oats and spices. The defining point of a crisp is that there are no oats in the topping. Because of this, the topping crumbles a little more, allowing the filling and top of the pie to become crisper when baked.

Lastly is the cobbler. A cobbler is probably the most mis-used term when it comes to all of these similar desserts. A true cobbler does not have a pie crust, but is topped with individual biscuits. The topping does not have to be a biscuit, but can be made of cake batter or even cookie dough- but it’s all about how your topping of choice is laid onto of the berry filling. The topping should be shaped much like a flat biscuit (small, round and medium-thickness), then it should be dropped in a pattern that gives it the appearance of a cobblestone street – which is in fact where the name originated.

There you have it, now you know the difference between a buckle, crisp, and cobbler!! Now tune in tomorrow for these incredibly delicious Rodelle Recipes!!

#Follow Friday: BAKING BITES

Have you met the amazing blogger Baking Bites yet?! This fun and informative blog is written by a wonderful blogger named Nicole who is just as obsessed with vanilla as we are! So naturally, she was a perfect fit to be a Rodelle Brand Ambassador!

Okay enough bragging about how excited we are to have her as part of the team (REALLY REALLY EXCITED)… And let’s talk FOOD! We figured since St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner, we needed an INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS themed recipe. Since Nicole is our go-to gal for all things vanilla, we figured we’d share one of her wonderful St. Patrick’s Day Recipes: Vanilla and Lime Marble Cupcakes!

We’re sure you’ve had cupcakes, but you’ve never had ones like this before!! The base for these cupcakes are a Vanilla Buttermilk Recipe… with lime zest. Yes, that’s right- limes. Nicole made a great point, “I do a lot of baking with lemons, but lemons aren’t the only citrus out there and I think limes don’t get used as much as they could be….” Limes have a very strong flavor and “have a noticeable impact on a recipe.” And what better time to use limes that for the biggest green holiday of the year!

So have a little fun with us and Baking Bites and try this delicious, unique, and festive cupcake this year! Let us know what you think of the combination- vanilla and lime?!

Be sure to tune in next Friday for more great bloggers to follow!!

The Amazing Vanilla Bean!!

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Vanilla Beans are so incredible because they have such a wide variety of uses. From perfumes and aromas, to baking and ice cream, infusing your alcohols, and even as a cure for an upset stomach!!

Because we know vanilla beans are so important, we take care to go the extra mile to ensure quality. All of our vanilla beans are hand selected from Madagascar in order to provide a rich aroma, and add a smooth, creamy flavor to all of your recipes!

Because there are so many incredible uses for the vanilla bean, it’s probably no surprise that even when the first vanilla bean was discovered, people have tried to relocate it and grow it all over the world. However, they have repeatedly failed for two reasons. The first, is that they need to grow in a climate that is hot, most, and tropical and within 10-20° North or South of the Equator. The second reason was a lot harder to figure out. People could not understand why, even when in the correct climate that the flowers would grow, but not produce vanilla bean pods. The missing ingredient was the Melipone Bee! This bee is only native to Mexico, and it took decades for people to learn that without the bee, the flower must be hand pollinated.

Even more than that, the flowers must be hand pollinated within 24 hours of the flower blooming! Vanilla beans are one of the most flavor intensive crops in the world!! It’s easy to understand why!

Okay we admit, we’re a little obsessed with vanilla beans! But just in case we haven’t convinced you yet about how great they are, be sure to stop by our fun facts page to learn even more about all the interesting things vanilla beans have to offer!