12 Days of Cookies: Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Bailey’s Irish Cream Buttercream & Whiskey Caramel

Today is the last day in our 12 Days of Cookies!! Thank you so much for participating, we’ve really enjoyed sharing all of our Brand Ambassador’s recipes with you! Our last day of cookies comes from Peabody of Culinary Concoctions by Peabody. We’re featuring her Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Bailey’s Irish Cream Buttercream and Whiskey Caramel, and they are INCREDIBLE!

Peabody’s Cookie Anecdote: “In someways these remind me of the holidays. My mom always was drinking Bailey’s around holiday time (shhhh don’t tell her I snitched on her) in her coffee or cocoa. As an adult now I see the appeal. :) This are a yummy chocolate sugar cookie (I use this to make “gingerbread” men sometimes as an alternative). Filled with a yummy Bailey’s Irish Cream Buttercream and homemade Whiskey Caramel. All three are good separate but together they are fantastic.”

Click for creative and delicious Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Bailey’s Irish Cream Buttercream and Whiskey Caramel cookie recipe!

12 Days of Cookies: Stained Glass Cookies

DAY 8 OF OUR 12 DAYS OF COOKIES!! We’ve got another special treat for you coming from our brand ambassador Lynne Feifer of 365 Days of Baking & More! STAINED GLASS COOKIES! These are such clever cookies, that are easy to make, but look absolutely GORGEOUS! They are extremely festive- we highly recommend making these beautiful little cookies!!

Also, Lynne leaves us with a couple tips to remember when making this cookie: “When sprinkling the candy into the center, you want to get as little as possible on the cookie itself because it doesn’t “go away” as I somehow thought it might. Where the heck did I think it would disappear to anyway? So, some were as close to perfect as I could get while others, you could tell Miss Lynne was getting tired from filling cookies with crushed candy.”

Lynne rates everything she makes on a scale of 1-4 and these Stained Glass Cookies earned 4 rolling pins! They were easy, fun and tasty to eat! Everyone she served them too absolutely LOVED THEM- kids and adults alike!!

Click for Lynne’s Stained Glass Cookies!

12 Days of Cookies: Cream Filled Spice Cookies

Have you been over to check out 365 Days of Baking yet?! We are in absolute love with the recipes that Lynne, the author, creates! She is one of our brand ambassadors, and we couldn’t be luckier to have a fantastic voice like hers representing Rodelle!

She has agreed to share some incredible cookie recipes this year for our annual 12 Days of Cookies!! Today we’re featuring her Cream Filled Spice Cookies! Here’s what Lynne has to say about this incredible cookie recipe: “I rate everything I bake on a scale of 1-4 and these Cream-Filled Spice Cookies earned 3 rolling pins. The flavor reminded me of a gingersnap and it had a crisp crunch like one, too. They were good eaten plain, but the tasty cream added something special to them. I haven’t baked all of the cookies yet, there’s still some dough in the fridge. I did bake 20 of them, used 12 for sandwiches with filling and some of us ate some of the cookies plain. I’ll be baking the rest tomorrow and let you know the total cookie count and how much filling you’ll need to make all of the sandwiches.”

Try Lynne’s Cream Filled Spice Cookies, and be sure to stop by 365 Days of Baking & More for other delicious holiday recipes!!

12 Days of Cookies: Chocolate Cherry Chip Cookies

Today is DAY 6 of cookies and we’ve got a special treat for you- CHOCOLATE CHERRY CHIP COOKIES! They are incredible! Our brand ambassador Kim Nguyen from Lovin’ From The Oven is hosting her very own 12 Days of Cookies and shared this new, incredible recipe with us and we are in love!!

These are holiday inspired cookies that look like they have candy canes in them! The contrast between the dark, rich, chocolatey cookie, and the bright cherries is beautiful!! Just like 90% of the cookies on Kim’s blog, these little treasures are extremely soft and chewy!

Kim recommends plating up a few of these for Santa… or his little mommy helper elves… I mean really- how could you not sneak in a few bites!!

Click for Chocolate Cherry Chip Cookie Recipe!


12 Days of Cookies: Everything Cookies

We say everything cookie… and what do you think of? Well…. everything right? Our brand ambassador Kim Nguyen of Lovin’ From the Oven, has put her own spin on these classic little Everything Cookies that’s perfect for the holiday season and truly does include EVERYTHING! From ingredients all the way to a wonderfully meaningful recipe that holds personal holiday joy for her and her family!!

“The cookie itself has a crumbly texture and tends to fall apart while melting in your mouth. Every add-in is essential for this cookie and I wouldn’t leave anything out of it! It’s different from other cookies because it involves the use of vegetable oil on top of butter. Don’t let the long list of ingredients scare you, they’re really easy and worth every minute to make!”

Cookie Anecdote: “I got this recipe from my aunt years ago on a little recipe card that looks like it’s been used and abused because it’s been through so much in the kitchen. It has a vanilla drop in one corner, grease from a cookie dough crumb that fell on it years ago, and smudges here and there. You can always tell the best cookie recipes just by a simple glance at the condition of the recipe card. It’s my dad’s favorite cookie and it’s the one that he requests the most. They’re called everything cookies because it really does have everything in it!”

Click for Kim’s Everything Cookie Recipe!