Friday Finds: Baking Bites’ Coconut Oil Spray

Friday Find: Coconut Oil Spray!

Many times recipes call for a greased pan, we use the butter wrapper, vegetable oil, or smear oil on a paper towel around the pan, etc. and we find that the baking sprays can be untrustworthy at times with portions of your culinary wonder sticking and breaking. What a monumental disappointment when the fruits of your labor are ruined by a simple lack of grease, and not the elbow kind (pun intended! ha). Sometimes the simplest of instructions can be the most important and most overlooked. We were thrilled to see a solution that is EASY and efficient from our friend Nicole of Baking Bites.

Coconut Oil Cooking Spray! With coconut being all the craze right now, we loved Nicole’s reveiw of Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Cooking Spray. This is her brilliant experience with it:

“I found that this coconut cooking spray works even better than I anticipated and I really liked using it. Like solid coconut oil, this product does have a slightly coconutty aroma to it, which fades once you cook with it, but might surprise some people who haven’t used coconut oil in the past. It created a very good nonstick surface each time I used it, and especially with some of my bakeware (like bundt pans) that has sharp edges or intricate designs. I attributed this to the fact that the oil seems slightly thicker than some other vegetable oils and gave my surfaces a nice thick coat. Some sprays drip and pool too much when you try to use a generous coating.”

Now not all of you have access to Trader Joe’s but we did the research and found this little gem on Amazon!

Also, here are some perfect recipes to try this new tip: Layered Carrot Cake, Rodelle Cocoa Honey Cake Minis, & Grilled Vanilla Apple Skillet Cake Recipe.

Ingredient Highlight: Gourmet Baking Cocoa

Gourmet Baking Cocoa 

Baking cocoa is such an important staple to have around for all of your cooking and baking needs. The great thing about it is you can put it in just about any recipe. You can use it as a BBQ rub, in a cocktail, smoothie, desserts, ice cream… really the lists are endless.

Today, we thought we’d pop around to some of our favorite foodie blogs and see what they use baking cocoa in. First stop, Jersey Girl Cooks created a decadent Cocoa Dusted Cinnamon Honey Almond recipe. Cocoa and honey together in a recipe?! How could you go wrong?! She poured her almonds into a melting pan of cinnamon and honey to coat them. She then roasted them for a little bit and dusted the glazed almonds with some cocoa to balance out the sweetness of the honey! Such an amazing recipe!

Our next stop took us to a very decadent use for cocoa: Brownie Ice Cream! Leite’s Culinaria created this incredible masterpiece. Brownie bits in your ice cream… yum!

Lastly, we ended up at SheKnows – a place full of creative and amazing recipes. It was there that we may have found one of our favorite recipe ideas for this time of the year: Cocoa Spice BBQ Rub. Grilling is super popular right now and this rub would be great for so many of your grilling recipes. We recommend popping over there to see the incredible rubs that SheKnows has come up with!

It’s probably pretty obvious at this point that we could spend hours drooling over delicious cocoa recipes. What can we say- WE LOVE COCOA! We have a gourmet baking cocoa that is European Dutch processed for rich flavor and appearance. Our cocoa contains one of the highest levels of cocoa butter on the market, ensuring superior chocolate flavor. We take a lot of pride in our cocoa, and enjoy all the baking and cooking versatility that cocoa offers. We’d love to hear what you’re making- please post recipes or ideas below!

Some of our favorite Cocoa Rodelle Recipes: Rodelle Cocoa Macaroons, Vanilla and Cocoa Zucchini Cake, & Dutch Dark Cocoa Raspberry Smoothie!

Easy Entertaining: The Bar (Volume 1)

Easy Entertaining: The Bar

Preparing things the day of the party is where all the stress lies. Make it easier on yourself- summertime menus can be simple, fresh, and made ahead of time. Use these tips for a simple, stress-free occasions all summer long. Our series of easy entertaining tips will ensure a brilliant time!

This week we explore THE BAR! We of course mean a cocktail bar, but also transfer the bar concept to appetizers and desserts as well. Lay out fresh ingredients so your guests can get creative! Here are some of our cocktail bar ideas:

Mojito Bar with your homemade vanilla infused rum of couse! Layout bowls of fresh fruits and different types of mint, make our flavored simple syrup, and halved limes and lime juicer! Place a sign out with ratios for the perfect customized mojito!

A spin on bruschetta bar a variety of pre-made toppings. Include a few different spreads like our vanilla bean honey chevre, a few different types of roasted veggies and a few different types of sauces like vanilla balsamic glaze! Let your guest satisfy their tastebuds!

A dessert parfait bar! We are all about the dessert here at Rodelle, so this bar is our favorite! Cube up different desserts like carrot cake, brownies, and blondies. Set out the different bowls with all the different desserts as well as bowls of berries, chopped nuts, chocolate syrup, whip cream and more! Let your guests layer their perfect dessert!

Make sure to stay tuned to our blog, we will make sure to share all the good tips we come across for easy entertaining!

Happy Hour- Rodelle Homemade Vanilla Infused Liquor

Rodelle Homemade Vanilla Infused Liquor Recipe

Infused alcohols have become extremely popular lately because they allow for a creative, customizable, homemade touch to your alcohol, but also it is much more cost effective! They are incredibly easy to make, simply choose an alcohol and your infusion ingredient. Since we love all things vanilla here at Rodelle, we of course chose vanilla beans!

The purpose of infused alcohols is to add that extra flavoring to all of your favorite liquors. Depending on the type of alcohol you use, the infusion ingredient can also helo to enhance the different flavors in the alcohol. You can also take your new alcohol creation and add it to your favorite cocktail recipes. The options are endless, from mojitos to cosmopotians, and more! Or simply combine them with your favorite summer juices like oranges juice or lemonade and tea.

Another great part about making your own infused alcohol is that it is much healthier than usual flavored alcohols. The best part is that you don’t need sugar, extended ingredients, or unknown additives that can add calories like some flavored alcohols include in their ingredients. Simply get an alcohol of your choice, we chose vodka, rum, and bourbon. Then, drop in your split (but not scraped) vanilla bean and tightly close the lid. It takes only five minutes to prep, let them set for around five days to infuse properly, and WALA- you’ll have a delicious homemade masterpiece!

Side Note: If you choose to use another ingredient to create your infused liquor, you may want to let your infusion sit for longer than five days. Citrusy flavors infuse quickest (a couple days), but subtle flavors like most fruits or vanillas can take 5 -7 days. Even lighter flavors like cucumbers can take close to two weeks. The best way to find out if your infusion is complete is to periodically taste it. After your infusion is finished, depending on what ingredient you used, you may need to strain your mixture. We loved the little vanilla bean flecks in our infusion so we simply pulled out the bean pod and did not strain ours.

We were inspired to make infused liquor for our upcoming Cocktail Party which we will announce on Facebook soon! Now all of our new cocktail recipes will have a subtle, yet sweet vanilla essence to them. Also, what’s better for a cocktail party than beautiful liquor bottles?! We had a lot of fun choosing elegant glass containers to infuse our alcohol in which will really added that extra touch to our Cocktail Party! They’re so beautiful and elegant that if you wanted, you could even give your infused alcohol as a guest gift/giveaway! Have some fun with this and better yet- ENJOY it!

Rodelle Homemade Vanilla Infused Liquor Recipe

Friday Finds: Father’s Day Desserts

Hi Rodelle Fans, and welcome to Friday Finds!

We’ve stumbled across some very incredible dessert recipes and decided, this is the perfect idea for upcoming Father’s Day. Almost every dad loves desserts, but not all dad’s enjoy the same thing. Some have a sweet tooth, and others prefer a more tart dessert recipe. We found a great post by Better Homes and Gardens that has 17 amazing dessert recipe ideas that’s sure to have at least one that is a homerun for dad. Our particular favorites include Hot off the Grill Apricot PieGrilled Berry Cobbler with Graham Cracker TopperGrilled Skillet Peach Pie. We decided to use these amazing recipes as inspiration for our own Father’s Day recipes.

Their “Hot off the Grill Apricot Pie” recipe inspired our Rodelle Vanilla & Apricot Almond Pastry 
Pie recipe. We changed a few things around so that our recipe only takes 45 minutes, whereas theirs takes a little over an hour and a half. However, their recipe is well worth the wait! We really enjoyed Better Homes and Gardens’ idea of baking fresh, in-season, apricots into a flaky, melt-in-your-mouth crust. They also added a little chili powder for an extra kick and prepared their recipe on the grill, which is such a wonderful idea for this time of year! After our pastry pie came out of the over, we inhaled deeply to take in the delicious aroma. We simply HAD to add chopped almonds to the top because we thought the combination would be perfect. The baked apricots were screaming out to be complimented by almonds. It’s easy to say, both recipes are excellent. They’re easy to create, and taste amazing.

Next, we came across their delectable Grilled Berry Cobbler with a Graham Cracker Topper! Is there anything better to put in a spring recipe than berries!? We don’t think so, which is why we fell in love with this crumbly, tart dessert recipe. It inspired our Rodelle Vanilla Bean Blueberry Peach Cobbler recipe. Better Homes and Gardens added blueberries, raspberries and blackberries to their amazing creation. Again, they decided to grill their recipe which adds such a fun touch to a Father’s Day dessert. Their cobbler takes just a bit over an hour to create, and they finished their masterpiece with a big, heaping scoop of Beary Good Cheesecake Ice Cream. Mmmm!


During spring/summertime, a grilling recipe really is the way to go. Just about every one of Better Homes and Gardens’ 17 Dessert Recipes have been created for the grill. We thought we should take theiradvice and created one of our own: Grilled Vanilla Apple Skillet Cake. The idea was inspired by their Grilled Skillet Peach Pie. Both recipes are incredibly delicious and can be baked on the grill. We chose to use apples just to give you a little recipe variety that will work year around. Here in Colorado, peaches are not always in season for us unfortunately. But whatever fruit you choose to use this Sunday, Dad will DEFINITELY love it!


Happy Father’s Day Rodelle Fans! Be sure to visit Better Homes and Gardens’ website for more amazing recipes that perhaps will inspire you this Father’s Day. We’d love to hear about what you create on our Facebook page!