Rodelle Vanilla Bean Roasted Beet Salad

Vanilla is the best thing that ever happened to beets. The toasty vanilla flavor balances out the earthy notes of the beets, leaving a smooth, sweet, light beet experience. This salad is deceptively easy to prepare, but oh my, the complex flavors of the roasted beets, honey goat cheese and balsamic glaze make this salad nothing short of delectable.

We used our Rodelle Vanilla Beans to take this salad to a gourmet level. Our supple beans are hand selected from Madagascar to ensure quality. They provide a rich aroma and add a smooth, creamy flavor to all your favorite vanilla bean recipes. By combing our beans with the beets, you have a recipe perfect for Easter that is unlike any other. It only takes 40 minutes and a few simple steps and you will certainly WOW everyone who tries your one-of-a-kind Rodelle Vanilla Bean Roasted Beet Salad.

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Rodelle Angel Food Cupcakes with Strawberries and Vanilla Bean Whip

We’ve created a light, and delicious recipe that’s perfect for the upcoming Easter Holiday. Don’t forget, this year it falls on Sunday, March 31st.

Since Easter is about creating wonderful memories with friends and family, we wanted a recipe that is perfect for all kinds of company. It’s decadent enough for the adults but a fun and exciting treat for the kiddos. It’s very easy to make and only takes about an hour. Simply mix the cupcake ingredients together, and bake for 30 – 45 minutes. After the cupcakes have reached the firmness you prefer, pull them out of the oven to cool. Once cool, you simply cut holes in the middle of each cupcake with a dull knife and add the strawberry glaze sauce. Lastly, we’ve topped the recipe off with our timeless Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream. It adds a sweet and gourmet taste to any recipe- especially this one!

So in just under an hour you’ll have a tray of delectable gourmet cupcakes everyone will enjoy. It’s the perfect and classic ending to an Easter brunch!

Rodelle Angel Food Cupcakes with Strawberries and Vanilla Bean Whip


Rodelle Saint Patrick’s Day Shamrock Shakes (spiked and virgin)

Celebrate with us this year for Saint Patrick’s Day! Trade in your green beer for our green spiked shamrock shakes! This grown-up version of a milk shake makes a delicious after dinner dessert cocktail and a festive Saint Patty’s Day drink. Indulge in the mint chocolate chip ice cream shake with vanilla and vodka, topped with Peppermint Schnapps, and vanilla bean whipped cream.

We have also created a virgin style of our cocktail for your kiddos. This can be a great way to celebrate with your friends and family that makes it a versatile drink for everyone. The best part of this drink? It only takes ten minutes to create! In just three simple steps you’ll have the perfect recipe for to celebrate with this Sunday.

We’ve combined our vanilla beans and vanilla extract with ice cream and dark chocolate to take this milk shake to a gourmet level, ENJOY!

Rodelle Saint Patrick’s Shamrock Shakes


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Rodelle Dark Chocolate Cake with Baileys Whipped Cream

Happy almost St. Patrick’s Day Rodelle Fans- this year it falls on Sunday March 17th! We absolutely love this holiday- it is such a fun and festive time full of food, festivities, and green beer! Not to mention another excuse to create a delicious recipe to celebrate with!

This year, we’ve chosen to create a Dark Chocolate Cake using our Gourmet Baking Cocoa and Gourmet Vanilla Extract. The two flavors combine effortlessly to give this cake a rich and robust flavor. The sweet vanilla pairs perfectly with the bitter dark chocolate and coffee to create a gourmet masterpiece that everyone will love.

This wonderful cake takes only 45 minutes to make. After it’s completed you’ll add the festive St. Patty’s Day piece! We’ve created the perfect festive whipped cream made with Baileys Irish Cream Liquor that we’ve combined with our Rodelle Madagascar Vanilla Beans. We are obsessed with this moist, coffee and cocoa flavored cake. The amazing Bailey’s Whipped Cream Topping harmonizes perfectly and enhances the richness of this incredible St. Patrick’s Day confection.

Enjoy our Rodelle Dark Chocolate Cake with Baileys Whipped Cream! Cheers to leprechaun foodies everywhere!