Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Rodelle Fans! We’re very excited for this must-have holiday recipe: Vanilla Bean Cranberry Sauce. It starts as a simple and traditional cranberry sauce, but once our Rodelle Vanilla Beans are added, the dish transforms from traditional to tantalizing. It has an initial tangy taste which is smoothed over by our sweet vanilla beans. If you really want to wow your guests this Thanksgiving, be sure to have our cranberry sauce at your table!

We’ve also paired this Vanilla Bean Cranberry Sauce with other Thanksgiving must-haves. Our Bourbon Vanilla Bean Pumpkin Pie Recipe is truly a holiday staple. It is rich with pumpkin taste perfectly accompanied by our decadent vanilla. Or perhaps you prefer a main course dish- and our Herbes de Provence Turkey Recipe is just the thing. Our Herbes de Provence Spice Blend is a savory blend of thyme, fennel, basil, savory, and lavender- creating the perfect Thanksgiving flavors.

Whatever the taste you prefer, Rodelle has many holiday recipes that will be perfect for passing around the Thanksgiving table. Happy Holidays and enjoy!


2012 Rodelle Challenge Submission: Heather Kennedy

“Most of my worst baking disasters stem from the fact that I’m usually doing three things at once in the kitchen. Take today for example. With my mum’s sage advice playing in mind, I decided not to waste the space in the oven while the brisket was roasting. Since the cookie jar was empty, I decided a batch of Vanilla Almond Crisps was in order … but as you can see, I underestimated my oven space and ended up with cookies stuck to the bottom of the roasting pan! Ugh! Thankfully our children, who are home-schooled in the kitchen, were on hand to gobble up the ‘disaster’ thus sacrificially ridding the kitchen of ugly cookies. Once again, being a home-school mama to two imaginative children saved my sanity … or at least the cookies!”

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2012 Rodelle Challenge Submission: Lisa Speer

“Several weeks ago, I created an apple dessert recipe to enter into a recipe contest on the same day I was having guests over for dinner, planning to serve it to them that evening. After spending hours carefully preparing and baking it, I unsnapped the sides of the springform pan and placed it on a cooking rack. When I turned to place the pan into the sink I accidently bumped the rack, and watched in slow motion horror as the dessert slid off the rack and splatted upside down into a sad heap on the floor. We ate the ice cream that was to accompany it after dinner that night while passing around this photo of what might have been . . .”

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2012 Rodelle Challenge Submission: Christopher Sorel

“A funny moment was when I was making butter cream frosting with my daughter. Started out with egg whites and sugar on the stove then brought it up to temperature. Daughter asks why this is not frosting dad and said we need to beat next. So I put it in the stand mixer and after 10 minutes it was light and fluffy so shes asks if it is ready. She tried it and said yum like marshmallows. I said we need to add the butter so she dropped the whole stick in and ouch the fluff went away but slowly recovered. She then tasted again and said good but needs something. I said yes final step is a splash of vanilla. So she open it up and squeezed it in without measuring. You know what my 9 year has the gift it was the perfect amount.”

Vanilla Bean Mascarpone Semifreddo with Chocolate Curls

The spectacular Baking Bites has created an amazing recipe featuring our Rodelle Vanilla Beans: Vanilla Bean Mascarpone Semifreddo with Chocolate Curls!

“A semifreddo is a type of frozen dessert that is similar to ice cream, but doesn’t need to be churned in an ice cream maker. They’re usually lightened with whipped cream or a meringue before freezing. This semifreddo is made with a combination of Greek yogurt and mascarpone cheese, and the tanginess of the yogurt is a nice contrast with the rich, creamy mascarpone. A whole vanilla bean is scraped into the semifreddo to give a wonderful vanilla flavor. Slice the semifreddo with a hot knife to serve it, and garnish it with chocolate curls.”

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This month, Baking Bites teaches us how to make delicate chocolate curls:
“You can make chocolate curls with a vegetable peeler by running the blade of the peeler down the side of a block of chocolate. Use the peeler on a flat side of the block, and experiment with the amount of pressure you need to get a clean curl. Shaving the chocolate more quickly will create fine chocolate shavings instead of curls.”