Vanilla Bean Raspberry White Chocolate Scones

There are a million different styles of scones out there. Strawberry, chocolate chip, vanilla, etc. How about a vanilla bean raspberry white chocolate scone?! Our scones have sweet vanillas, tart raspberries and decadent white chocolate.

This brilliant recipe is inspired by Picky Cook and is the ideal archetype for scone aficionados. We have added our Rodelle Vanilla Beans to enhance the depth of flavor. These little beauties are among one of our favorites. It has a flaky crust combined with a tangy, yet sweet raspberry filling that creates decadent perfection.

Vanilla Bean Raspberry White Chocolate Scones Recipe

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Almond Vanilla Torte

Here is a warm and toasty recipe that is sure to be a favorite. It’s a delicious, yet gluten free recipe that is easy to make. Its light texture and earthy flavor makes it a favorite gourmet treat for brunches, showers or any other event.

We’ve used our Rodelle Almond Extract, Vanilla Beans and Vanilla Extract to create this masterpiece. It’s a sweet and nutty treat that is perfection. You can even see the charming specs of vanilla beans in it. Enjoy!

Almond Vanilla Torte Recipe

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Vanilla Bean Cherry Pie Recipe

There is nothing better than Cherry Pie, it’s such a classic and simple recipe. Not to mention, once you’ve added our Rodelle Vanillas to the mix, you’ll be licking the pie pan clean! And with President’s Day coming up on the 20th, you’ll want a perfect recipe like this for this honorary holiday.

The egg crust is firm, yet delicate and the filling has an elegant variation of standard fare with the additions of cherry brandy, allspice, almond and vanilla extracts. Definitely a pie fit for the White House!

Vanilla Bean Cherry Pie Recipe

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Tell someone special to you how you feel with deliciously decadent goodies like Red Velvet Cupcakes. The taste is rich, and the look is charming; it’s the perfect way to say I love you.

We wanted to unravel the mysteries of the infamous Red Velvet recipe and WE DID IT!  It’s more than just red food coloring that makes this a definitive example, it’s the ambiance of the vanilla, and the passion of the cocoa that add just the right flavors and textures. Prepare these anytime, but make this seductive recipe a Valentine’s Day tradition.

Mmm Mmm Mmm, enjoy!

Rodelle Red Velvet Cupcakes

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Valentine’s Day is almost here!

Valentine’s Day is only one week away! Nothing says I adore you like baked goods, especially ones baked with our Rodelle vanillas and cocoas! Not to mention, you can taste test the batter while you’re baking- it’s truly a treat for everyone!

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