Pumpkin Spice Bread Pudding


Yes, seriously!! Paige at Latin Meets Lagniappe is a creative genius and we are in love with her use of our Pumpkin Spice Extract in this treat! First, a little about Paige:

Paige is our newest Rodelle Brand AmbassadorLatin Meets Lagniappe is our newest go-to source for tasty, extra special, and unforgettable Southern and Latin-inspired dishes. Lagniappe is a Gulf Coastal word that means “a little something extra.” We can’t get over the little extra special touches that Paige includes in her recipes. From starters to desserts, Paige has captured our meal plans and our tastebuds! Check out Latin Meets Lagniappe now!

And, onto the topic of the day: Pumpkin Spice Bread Pudding!! This delicious Pumpkin Spice Bread Pudding is a warm and delicious dessert, and it’s great for breakfast too! Pumpkin Spice Extract, pecans, raisins and a homemade icing…it doesn’t get much better than this! Check out Paige’s recipe today and save it for your coziest fall dessert moments! 

Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies


Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies are a delicious, individually-portioned dessert. These pies have a tender, flaky all-butter pie dough and are filled with cinnamon apples and rich caramel. We are in love with this new recipe from our newest Rodelle Brand Ambassador, Tiffany at Parsnips & Pastries!

If you’re into apples, salted caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, or pie, you have to get this recipe now!

And, just some more background on Tiffany! Tiffany is the creative genius behind Parsnips and Pastries. Parsnips and Pastries stems from a lifetime love affair with food and writing. The name itself is derived from balance and the way Tiffany lives life – a healthy balance of fresh, clean, organic foods with the occasional indulgence. With a background in professional pastry, Tiffany’s attention to detail and deliciousness are always on point. Check out Parsnips & Pastries for your next recipe and we guarantee you will fall in love with Tiffany’s work!

A Spooky Cocktail and An Announcement!


Pumpkin Spice has a special place in our hearts…so much so that we launched a Pumpkin Spice Extract (featuring Rodelle Pure Vanilla Extract)!! Rodelle’s Pumpkin Spice Extract is really versatile and perfect for baking, cocktails and more. Sandi at Fearless Dining made the coolest (spooky!) Pumpkin Caramel Hard Cider Cocktail and we had to share it! The super easy cocktail has only three ingredients, so they all really shine. Get the full recipe and more information on Sandi’s Blog!

Sandi’s blog, Fearless Dining, started off with the desire to develop fun, kid-friendly recipes and help people discover how delicious gluten-free foods can be. Even though Sandi and her family are all gluten-free, they definitely aren’t compromising flavor or fun in their recipes! We love that Sandi’s site has a complete set of recipes for everything from appetizer to dessert. Check out Fearless Dining for some serious inspiration! And, finally, join us in welcoming Sandi as Rodelle’s newest Brand Ambassador! We’re looking forward to all of the creative and delicious ideas Sandi has to share!

New Cocoa Packaging!


We are excited to announce our new packaging for our fan-favorite 25 ounce Gourmet Dutch-Processed Baking Cocoa! We decided to make the shift from a rigid container for many reasons:

  1. Plastic reduction: Our new bag reduces the amount of plastic per container by 92%! While both containers are recyclable, the less plastic we use, the better!
  2. Cost savings: As costs of plastic and cocoa continue to rise, the reduction of plastic was an automatic way for Rodelle to be able to provide the same high-quality baking cocoa to our customers without a significant price increase.
  3. Quality packaging: We are proud to now offer our baking cocoa in BPA-free, recyclable plastic bags.
  4. Shelf space: Any extra bit of space in our (over stocked) pantries is needed in preparation of holiday baking! We wanted to minimize the footprint of our bag to allow for easier storage in smaller spaces.

Even though we have new packaging, we are still putting in the same Gourmet Dutch-Processed Baking Cocoa you know and love from Rodelle! We’re even celebrating with a list of our top three visited cocoa recipes from 2016!

  1. Rodelle Dark Chocolate Cake with Baileys Whipped Cream Recipe
  2. Sugar Bakeshop’s Chocolate Cake Recipe
  3. Decadent Hot Cocoa

We hope you enjoy one of our top cocoa-heavy desserts and all of your own recipes with our Rodelle Gourmet Baking Cocoa this Fall and Winter! And, watch out for more information on our brand new Organic Dutch Processed Baking Cocoa!

Welcome aboard, Sharon!


We’re excited to introduce you all to Sharon Wong, M.Ed. and author of Nut Free Wok! Nut Free Wok is a blog about Allergy Aware Asian Fare. While Sharon’s family is very conscious of food allergies, they are not strangers to flavor or fun! We love Sharon’s thorough approach to each of her ingredients and recipes. And we are thrilled that Rodelle’s products align with Sharon’s family’s needs. We think that your family (whatever your eating style) will find a recipe that they will love on Sharon’s site!

For Sharon’s first post as an official Rodelle Brand Ambassador, she made a traditional Malaysian Cake. According to Sharon, “Ma Lai Go, also known as Malaysian Cake or Malay Cake, is a beloved traditional Chinese dim sum dessert (“lai” sounds like lie). Heads turn when a server walks around a dim sum restaurant and yelling “Ma Lai Go!” It’s one of my mom’s favorite desserts and one of our family friends, Auntie Karen gave me her recipe years ago (thank you!!). It makes me so happy to see my family enjoy this treat worry-free.”

We love the double dose of vanilla extract that Sharon adds to her Ma Lai Go cake and hope you’ll try her family recipe!

Click here for the recipe on Sharon’s blog!