2014 Rodelle Challenge – Honorable Mentions

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We had so many good entries for the 2014 Rodelle Challenge that we couldn’t pick just ten between the grand prize and runner up prizes! We need your help to select an additional 5 winners from the Honorable Mention category – just added to give more of our 400+ contestants a chance to win. Hop over to our website to vote for your favorite!

Gretchen, Utah
My oldest daughter had been longing for an Easy Bake Oven! Her dreams came true this past November when she received one for her 7th birthday. Little did I know how unsavory the cookie mixes were with this oven…thank goodness it’s the memories that count!

Jaye, Florida
Love of gingerbread! My favorite holiday memories are decorating gingerbread – from cookies to gingerbread houses that has created endless moments of fun!

Meg, Texas
I came home to a kitchen fire thanks to my husband hiding his secret cookie stash in the oven.

Daniela, New York
A very brief story about how a Cookie Party became a disappointment to my daughter, but in the end a fresh batch of frosting saved her gingerbread house.

Natalija, Maryland
Grandmother ate dog food by accident, cooked meat shrinkwrapped in plastic, was the funniest and sweetest grandmother out there and I think of her when I bake.

Heather, Ohio
Salt and Sugar should be clearly labeled!

Josephine, Pennsylvania
Well, the biscotti were different than most other times and I remember the batches of this particular day being big and uniform.

Timothy, Nebraska
Learning to bake at a young age with my mom and grand mother. I’m now disabled and do what I can to make sure a meal is ready when my wife gets home from a long day at work.

Robert, Pennsylvania
I accidentally made scones for my wife using baking SODA instead of baking POWDER, and hilarity ensued!

Jenilee, Pennsylvania
I would like to win this for my Nana and all my happy baking memories with her.

Jacky, Massachusetts
My experience on baking French macarons taught me a life lesson.

Paris, California
Christmas Eve, spiked eggnog, cinnamon rolls cream cheese frosting incident!

Michael, Colorado
How to not fully read directions and mess up a birthday cake.

Christina, Nebraska
Family tradition cooking

Lori, New York
Boy wins 1st place for the best cake at the county fair, and years later has to make up for it to his young wife who won 3rd place the same year.

Alyssa, Kansas
Baking with family.

Kimberley, Georgia
I spent an unexpected afternoon with my Grandmother who has been gone from this world for some years while going through her favorite and loved recipes!!!

Kim, New Jersey
Hungry teenagers learn a lesson about eating mom and dad out of house and home!

Beth, Ohio
My world opened up the day I spent teaching kids from Germany, Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Japan to bake and make chocolate.

Paula, Georgia
I dumped a bulk size container of cornstarch on my head.

Sheila, Pennsylvania
Grand-daughter’s first baking experience for a contest gone awry.

Bonni, Texas
I was young, made home made spice cake, no oil, used melted crisco, burned my fingers. Cake was like rubber, dog wouldn’t touch it. so I had to throw it away.

Ginger, California
I left my career to focus on my health, and found a renewed passion for baking.

Cindy, Florida
Pregnant, Thanksgiving, homemade pies, and a severe burned hand!


Healthy New Recipes!


Rodelle peaks at the end of each year, thanks to the holiday baking that goes on from Thanksgiving to the end of the year. We love being the center of so many sweet treats! But, when the New Year rolls around, we’ve found a couple of ways to keep your favorite vanilla and cocoa powder handy – without adding on any pounds or breaking any new diets.

A couple good things to know about vanilla extract:

  • Vanilla has been proven to curb the appetite in a study at St. George’s Hospital in London. The scent of vanilla can help reduce food cravings for most people – we’ll take it!
  • Vanilla is a flavor enhancer. Typically, it enhances the flavors of your sweet treats, but it can also take your healthy, savory, or spirit recipe to the next level.

So, this New Year’s, try one of our new, healthy recipes. Keep the Rodelle handy, we’ll have more on the way!

Power-packed green smoothie: Chocolate and peanut butter flavors are enhanced with a little vanilla extract and the spinach is a subtle sweet flavor that you barely notice. Plus, you get 2 servings of veggies and one fruit crossed off your list at breakfast!

Healthy chocolate pudding: We surveyed our friends on Facebook on whether they wanted a smoothie OR a pudding recipe, and the answer was overwhelmingly, PUDDING! This one has an active time of 5 minutes and a chill time of three hours – and our taste-testers never guessed the secret ingredient: avocado. Avocado and chocolate powder combine in this rich-tasting pudding to give you an indulgent flavor, but is light on the carbs and sweetener.

Want more? Check out our 30 Days / 30 Ways board on Pinterest for 30 healthy recipes!

Holiday Favorites

Baked Brie with Cranberry Apple Compote

This week is one of the busiest entertaining, cooking and baking weeks of the year! We wanted to share some of our favorite recipes to get you started on your planning. If you haven’t planned out your menu yet, don’t fear, everything you need is right here:

Snacks and Hors D’oeuvres 

Baked Brie with Apple Cranberry Compote - This flaky pastry has an amazingly delicious filling. It’s warm, sweet, and the aroma will fill your house with memories of grandma’s cooking. It’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

Vanilla Bean Crudite Dip – A new family favorite! This sweet twist on a traditional dip, this appetizer will “tease” your guests with a light, but rich accompaniment to crackers, crudites and more!

Vanilla Bean Fig Tartlet - This tart is a delicious blend between tasty figs and sweet Rodelle Vanilla Beans. This simple recipe will produce an easy appetizer that will make any mouth water.


Kale salad with Wild Rice and Pomegranate - A savory salad with pomegranate, feta cheese, wild rice, walnuts, and a vanilla bean vinaigrette dressing — add turkey sausage to up the ante or keep it off to go vegetarian!

Rodelle Cranberry Kale Salad with Vanilla Cranberry Vinaigrette Recipe - Deliciously easy as well as healthy! This satisfying salad goes with your holiday turkey, ham, or roast. Or simply take it along with a whole wheat roll for a healthy lunch!

Vanilla Bean Roasted Beet Spinach Salad - This salad is deceptively easy to prepare, but oh my, the complex flavors of the roasted beets, honey goat cheese and balsamic glaze make this salad nothing short of delectable.

Mains & Sides

Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Madeira Mushroom Gravy - A traditional beef tenderloin with a savory, delectable Madeira mushroom cocoa gravy. This could be a new holiday meal requested by name for years to come!

Herbes de Provence Lasagna Recipe – A vegetarian main dish! This delicious dish has layers of flavors. The mouthwatering tomato sauce combined with our Rodelle Herbes de Provence Seasoning adds a bold taste that makes this lasagna perfection.

Cocoa Rubbed Rack of Lamb –  This cocoa rubbed rack of lamb is truly unique. Perfect for your holiday dinner. This recipe is simple yet divine and the lamb paired with the cocoa is a perfect marriage of flavor!

Butternut Squash Vanilla Dauphinoise - A delicate, delicious mix of butternut squash, vanilla and Gruyere cheese. The perfect side to impress and delight!

Vanilla Bean Holiday Ham Glaze - Make your ordinary holiday ham extraordinary! We’ve created a flavorful glaze with zesty mustard, sweet apple jelly, delectable raspberry liqueur, and smooth vanilla beans.


Rodelle Vanilla Gingerbread Cookies - The addition of Rodelle Vanilla Extract gives these traditional holiday treats a warm and inviting gourmet twist.

Cranberry Orange Blondies - These colorful, buttery bars are loaded with fresh orange zest and sweet-tart cranberries, for a flavor combination that is perfect for the Holiday season.

COOKIES!!! - Get 10 cookie recipes to conquer your cookie plates!



10 Days of Cookies!!


Rodelle’s love for cookies is nothing short of epic. With a factory of vanilla extract attached to our offices, it only makes sense that we like to keep the sweets flowing year-round. But, that’s not to say when the holidays arrive, we don’t up our game just like all of our fans. What can we say? We love a good cookie plate!

This year, 10 of our fabulous Brand Ambassadors agreed to whip up something special just for us!

Here’s the schedule:

8 – Peppermint Bark Snowball Cookie – Peabody @ Culinary Concoctions by Peabody 
9 – Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Cookies – Kim @ LovintheOven
10 – Soft Cinnamon Cookies with Maple Pecan Frosting – Karen @ The Food Charlatan
11 – Vanilla Bean Shortbread – Aimee @ Shugary Sweets
12 – Chocolate Shortbread – Traci @ Vanilla and Bean
15 – Vanilla + orange cranberry blondies– Nicole @ Baking Bites
16 – Vanilla Bean & Chocolate Swirl Giant Skillet Cookie – Lyuba @ Will Cook for Smiles
17 – Triple Cocoa Coconut Chocolate Cookies – Heather @ The Soulful Spoon
18 – Peanut butter maple cookies – Becky @ Vintage Mixer
19 – Gluten-free Gingerbread Cookies – Sarah @ Snixy Kitchen

Be sure to pop over to our website for all of the recipes, or follow our board on Pinterest

Happy Holiday Baking to you!!!

It’s Holiday Cookie Season!

We love baking with vanilla, cocoa and a few of our other extracts all year round (lemon extract + seasonal berries = summer muffins to die for) BUT at Rodelle we get extra excited this time of year. With all of the holiday parties in schools ChristmasCookieFinal1and the workplace, it’s the perfect time to show off a family recipe in a new place. And, it’s the best time of year to have some extra treats stowed away at home for visiting family and friends. What can we say, a cookie a day keeps us on pace for a joyous December!

Are you getting ready for some serious baking sessions in the next couple of weeks? First things first: make sure your pantry is stocked with Rodelle extracts and baking cocoa. Your treats will be that much tastier! Next, find a recipe that will wow your friends and family. We’ve partnered up with The Taylor House and Quirky Inspired for their Holiday Sweets and Treats. Click here to see those recipes and some of Rodelle’s favorites for winter! We are also excited to announce that, coming December 8th, you can join Rodelle on our website for a 10 Days of Cookies Countdown! Some of Rodelle’s brand ambassadors will be sharing great recipe ideas with their favorite Rodelle ingredients.

So, stay tuned for a tasty month and stay stocked up in your pantry so you don’t miss a recipe!