Pure Vanilla

Rodelle's strong partnership with SAHANALA Madagascar has helped Rodelle create a vanilla extract that is truly farm to table.

  • Cocoa plant and pods

Gourmet Cocoa

Rodelle's gourmet cocoa powder has a rich chocolate taste because of its higher cocoa fat content.

  • Whole cinnamon sticks are great for baking recipes

Whole Spices

Rodelle offers a variety of whole spices, gourmet spice blends and other baking essentials.

Rodelle Vanilla started in Denver in 1936

Circa 1936

The Rodelle Story

The Rodelle family moved to Denver, Colorado from the south of France in 1936. Realizing their new country lacked a high-quality pure vanilla extract for their recipes, this family of avid bakers decided to produce their own premium vanilla extract. That year, the family founded Rodelle Laboratories and revolutionized the standard for gourmet flavors.

Rodelle, Inc. has continued a relentless commitment to high quality products ever since. Today, Rodelle provides home bakers and culinary professionals with the finest ingredients on the market.

From our Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans to our Dutch-processed baking cocoa and our Herbes de Provence, quality comes first. We offer a complete line of superior baking ingredients, baking extracts, and gourmet spice blends that will take your culinary adventures from good to grand.

In 2016, Rodelle is celebrating our 80th Anniversary and we are thrilled to have so many great customers and consumers. Thank you for all that you've done to support Rodelle over our 80 years!

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  • Wind Turbines for renewable energy at Rodelle

In addition to giving back to our vanilla growing regions, Rodelle is concerned with environmental best-practices. Rodelle is fully wind powered and continuously improving recycling efforts and ways to reuse "waste."

Vanilla Facts

Learn more about vanilla: how and where it's grown, fun facts and other frequently asked questions!

  • Rodelle social programs to support Madagascar vanilla bean farmers

Rodelle places a serious focus on projects that will improve the overall standard of living in vanilla bean growing regions. We are dedicated to going beyond creating better baking products, we are focused on changing lives.

Support Programs

Rodelle social programs to support Madagascar vanilla bean farmers
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