Peace Corps Inspiration

At Rodelle, just simply having good products are not enough. Joe Basta, co-founder of Rodelle, has spent a significant amount of time in the Peace Corps where he was introduced to the conditions of developing countries.

While he was abroad, he had many influential experiences that led not only to his love for vanilla, but his commitment to bettering the entire vanilla process, from farm to table.

"At Rodelle, we understand the importance helping our farmer’s live a successful, healthy, and educated life, so we focus on projects that will improve the overall standard of living. We are dedicated to going above and beyond just creating better baking products, we are focused on changing lives," stated Basta.

Rodelle Around The World

We believe that providing superior spice and extract begins in the field with the grower. The success of our business rests on developing productive relationships with suppliers and farmers who provide us with the finest ingredients for our Rodelle products. Each year, we contribute to projects that protect the environment, and promote social and economic development in our key growing regions. To date, efforts include: providing sustainable practices, improving water sanitation, and improving standards of living.

In The Field

Rodelle social programs to support Madagascar vanilla bean farmers

Working Together

Uganda Rodelle Baking
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