Vanilla Planifolia - Vanilla 101

Vanilla Facts

  • Vanilla is such a staple base flavor, therefore the quality of your vanilla extract or vanilla bean is key to a fragrant, warm, creamy end result for all your culinary endeavors.
  • Vanilla extract gets its rich “vanilla" taste and aroma from vanillin, which is the primary flavor component of vanilla.
  • Vanillin is a natural flavor component found in high quality vanilla beans, the higher the vanillin, the better the quality.
  • Vanillin levels are easily measurable, therefore a great quality indicator for profiling fine vanillas.
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  • It’s a fact, all vanillas are not created equal. Rodelle Vanilla Extracts are a superior vanilla ingredient that delivers a superior end result.
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How To Use a Vanilla Bean

When it comes to vanilla beans we are often asked how to properly use vanilla beans. You may hear the term "split and scrape" quite frequently. This is referring to the steps you take to open the vanilla bean pod and use the seeds inside.

  1. Take the vanilla bean "pod" and lay it flat on a cutting surface.
  2. Use a sharp knife (we recommend a paring knife) and slice the vanilla bean down the middle, lengthwise, creating two long halves.
  3. Next, take the BACK side of the knife and run it down the length of each split "pod" to collect "the seeds."
  4. You can use one "split and scraped" vanilla bean in place of one teaspoon of vanilla extract in any recipe.

Vanilla Extracts

Vanilla Fun Facts

The definition of the word vanilla is "little pod" in Spanish.

The vanilla vine is an orchid which is indigenous to South Eastern Mexico. Dating back to Cortes' conquest of the Aztec Kingdom in 1519, it is one of the most ancient flavors.

The aroma of vanilla is known as calming, relaxing, and sensual, and used as an aphrodisiac in some cultures.

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