Gourmet Spice Blends

Herbes De Provence

The perfect blend of thyme, fennel, basil, savory, and lavender, Herbes de Provence add flavor to grilled meats and fish. Add it to cassoulet or vegetable stews.

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  • Rodelle Asian style Sriracha Seasoning

Sriracha Seasoning

Our Sriracha Asian Seasoning adds traditional flavoring to all your favorite recipes. This incredible flavor originated in Si Racha, a coastal city of Thailand and has since taken many different forms. It adds a sweet and spicy chili pepper flavoring. Use to season seafood, poultry, grilled meats, and vegetables for a robust flavor.

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Organic Spices

Organic Turmeric

Organic Turmeric is a wonderful addition to curry, marinades, rice seasonings, or even mixed into your morning smoothie! Turmeric is touted for its many claimed health benefits.

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Mulling Spices

  • Rodelle wassail mulling spice blend

Wassail Mulling Spice Blend

As the tradition went, a hot mulled wine or cider was drunk as an integral part of "Wassailing,” an English ritual to ensure a prosperous harvest. With similarities to a holiday caroling, the Wassailing tradition has been carried through the centuries through celebration and the hot mulled beverage, Wassail.

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Gourmet Turkey Brine

Rodelle Gourmet Turkey Brine is made with the finest, wholesome ingredients to elevate your Holiday Turkey from good to great. Brining locks in the moisture in the turkey, and enhances flavor with the perfect blend of spices and fruit. Our Rodelle Turkey Brine stands out from the competition because of the addition of vanilla beans which add a subtle vanilla flavor and aroma, ensuring your family will not soon forget this holiday meal!

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  • Rodelle Texas Style Brisket Rub gourmet spice blend

Brisket Rub

Sweet and smokey with a hint of heat. This southern inspired Texas brisket rub goes far beyond just a traditional rub. Perfect for chicken, pork chops, and steaks!

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Whole Cinnamon Sticks

Our cinnamon adds a sweet, warm flavor to every recipe. Use in baked goods, holiday drinks, and fruit desserts. Particularly delicious with apples and pears.

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  • Rodelle fresh dried leaf oregano

Leaf Oregano

Oregano is a widely used culinary spice that is the perfect compliment to so many staple recipes. It is a delicious compliment for tomato sauces, sauteed vegetables and grilled meat.

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  • Black and Toasted Sesame Seeds for sale from Rodelle

Black and Toasted Sesame Seeds

Rodelle Black and Toasted Sesame Seeds provide great visual contrast and a unique flair while adding lightly roasted subtle, nutty taste and slight crunch to any recipe. They are a very versatile ingredient that adds taste and texture to all of your recipes.

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Toasted Sesame Seeds

Toasted, natural sesame seeds provide a subtle, nutty taste and slight crunch. They are a very versatile ingredient that adds taste and texture to all of your recipes. Perfect for use in Asian cuisines as well as breads, chickens, seafood and noodle dishes.

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