Organic Baking Cocoa


  1. Available in 25oz BPA-Free, recyclable and resealable plastic bags.
  2. Ingredient statement: 100% organic cocoa processed with alkali
  3. Rodelle does not utilize peanuts or tree-nuts on its production floor or in its products. Contact us for any other allergen questions.
  4. Kosher, organic certified by Colorado Department of Agriculture, Product of the USA

Buy Near You at Costco and available online soon!

Our gourmet organic baking cocoa is European Dutch-processed for rich flavor and appearance. Our organic cocoa contains one of the highest levels of cocoa butter on the market, ensuring superior chocolate flavor. From rich hot cocoa to fudgey brownies, Rodelle Organic Baking Cocoa makes a difference you can taste.

Rodelle Cocoa

We are proud to offer an Organic Baking Cocoa and a Conventional Baking Cocoa for all of your favorite recipes!

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