So Many Delicious Cookies!

Rodelle's great Brand Ambassadors have collaborated to come up with some new and delicious cookie recipes to fill up your recipe book this Holiday Season! Check back daily as we share each of the amazing, delicious ideas to make your cookies this year the best yet!

Mocha Nut Bars

Crispy edges shatter upon the most tender, tentative of bites, giving way to a gently chewy interior rife with toasted nuts. Sweet, but balanced by the naturally bitter nuances of coffee and dark cocoa, this riot of flavor and texture all comes in a modest, unassuming little bar. Delicious treats from Bittersweet Blog!

  • Gluten-Free Snickerdoodles - Snixy Kitchen

Gluten-Free Snickerdoodles

Soft and pillowy gluten-free snickerdoodles from Snixy Kitchen. With a slightly crisp cinnamon-sugar coating and the classic cracked tops, these make the perfect cookie to dress up any holiday cookie plate.

  • Cheesecake stuffed chocolate peanut butter cookies

Cheesecake Stuffed Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Decadent, almost brownie like, chocolate cookies are studded with peanut butter chips before being stuffed with a rich, cheesecake filling. These Cheesecake Stuffed Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies from Melanie Makes are sure to disappear from your cookie jar at record speed.

Almond Spritz Cookies

Almond Spritz Cookies from Mildly Meandering – A classic German buttery cookie made with a cookie press to have fun shapes. Perfect for a Christmas cookie exchange!

Toasted Coconut Brown Sugar Thumbprint Cookies

These chewy brown sugar cookies from Kelli Rice Cakes are rolled in coconut then toasted to perfection before filling the middle with chocolate hazelnut spread. These cookies stayed perfectly soft and chewy for several days after baking!

Chocolate Sugar Cookies with Dark Chocolate Buttercream

Chewy, fudgy homemade chocolate sugar cookies made fresh from scratch from Snowflakes & Coffeecakes. These are good enough to eat alone – but truly decadent topped with homemade Dark Chocolate Buttercream Frosting! Another family favorite!

Double Chocolate Chunk Mocha Cookies

Little bites of bliss to soothe an afternoon sweet tooth or gift to your mocha loving friend, Double Chocolate Chunk Mocha Cookies have a caffeine kick – to keep you going through the holidays! Way to pep things up, Vanilla and Bean!

Grain Free Snickerdoodles

Get your cookie groove on with these gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free snickerdoodles from Gluten-Free Palate. Chewy, soft, and incredibly satisfying – you won’t want to share.

Mocha Chocolate Fudge Snaps

These Mocha Chocolate Fudge Snaps from Sweet Recipeas are crunchy on the outside but soft and fudgy on the inside…almost brownie like inside.

Danish Salted Butter Cookies

Buttery Danish Salted Butter Cookies from Food n'Focus! These crunchy little cookies use delicious vanilla paste from Rodelle Vanilla for an intense taste of fresh vanilla beans. Bake your own at home this weekend!

Chocolate Hazelnut Amaretti Cookies

These Chocolate Hazelnut Amaretti Cookies from I Sugar Coat It perfectly showcase Rodelle's delicious Gourmet Baking Cocoa. Made with just a handful of ingredients, including nut meal instead of flour, the addition of cocoa makes for a deep chocolatey, chewy cookie experience!

Cinnamon Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

A dash of cinnamon and vanilla bean paste make these Cinnamon Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies from Everyday Made Fresh perfect. Well that, and that this a no chill sugar cookie dough!

Chocolate Snickerdoodles

The only thing better than a classic Snickerdoodle Cookie is a Chocolate Snickerdoodle! Chewy, fudgy and a delicious twist on the traditional snickerdoodle from Snowflakes & Coffeecakes. And warm from the oven? We're in heaven!

Coffee Flour Cookies

Coffee Flour Cookies from Flippin Delicious are naturally gluten-free, grain-free and refined-sugar-free. With just a hint of orange zest, and studded with chocolate chips you have a cookie perfect for any occasion. Coffee Flour gives a festive fruity and spicy flavor to the cookies.

Chocolate Sno-Cap Cookies

These chocolate sno-cap cookies from Lovin The Oven are made with Rodelle’s vanilla extract and baking cocoa powder. The fun twist is that Kim uses sno-caps, chocolate nonpareils, instead of the usual chocolate chips!

Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cranberries dress these Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies from Allergy Girl Eats up for the holidays! These beautiful chocolate chippers are free from processed sugar, thanks to the clever addition of honey! Try them for a delicious twist on one of our favorite classic recipes!

Lemon Pepper Slice Cookies

Sweet and tart lemon cookies, spiced with a hint of black pepper, and textured with crunchy cornmeal. Trust us when we say that Fresh April Flours really nailed this recipe! The addition of cornmeal and black pepper add an intriguing crunch to the sweet and tart lemon. The black pepper that sits ever so softly in the back of your mouth reminding you that it’s there and that it makes a really cool complement to the rest of the cookie.

Ultimate Grasshopper Cookies

A soft and chewy brownie cookie base, topped with Mint Buttercream Frosting, drizzled with Chocolate Ganache and topped with chunks of Andes Mints? SO MINTY GOOD! Way to go, Snowflakes and Coffeecakes!

Chocolate Mint Cookies

Chocolate Mint Cookies from The Taylor House are the perfectly delicious Christmas Cookie to make for your cookie trays! The perfect combination of mint and chocolate to warm up and comfort this holiday season!

Almond Jam Thumbprints

Almond Jam Thumbprints from Salted Plains are an easy cookie recipe filled with your favorite jam! Made with white rice and almond flours for a perfect crumb. Gluten-free and easily customizable with your favorite flavor jam!!

German Chocolate Cookie Bars

Traditional German Chocolate flavor in a simple cookie bar recipe - you'll love how quickly these come together. The homemade frosting really makes these bars shine! Way to go, Margaritas on the Rocks!

Gingerbread Blondies with White Chocolate

Let's talk about these Gingerbread Blondies with White Chocolate from Floating Kitchen! The white chocolate here is clutch, so don’t skip it. Its sweetness pairs really well with all the warm, traditional gingerbread spices. There are chunks of white chocolate in the blondies themselves. And then extra drizzled on top. Oh, yes!

Vanilla Bean Orange Zest Sugar Cookies

Simple sugar cookies with an amazing flavor from Will Cook for Smiles! These soft and chewy sugar cookies are made with vanilla bean and orange zest. Orange and vanilla flavors in these cookies is exquisite.

Vegan Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

A perfect holiday cookie, vegan chocolate peppermint cookies filled with chocolate chips and a crushed peppermints! We love the chocolate and peppermint combination from Heart of a Baker!

Rodelle Cookie Recipes

Rodelle has many cookie recipes that we've whipped up in our test kitchen. Our executive chef painstakingly tested each one and they are proven to be delicious and a crowd-favorite.

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