Celebrating love!

We admit, Valentine’s Day can be tricky…it’s admittedly not everyone’s favorite “Hallmark Holiday”. But, we also kind of like the idea of a whole day to celebrate love. And we’re definitely not stopping at romantic love. Valentine’s Day can be a great occasion to celebrate love of so many kinds! So, grab your favorite recipe, and celebrate with those who make your life a bit brighter.

Oreo Cookie Truffles

The easiest truffle recipe you will come across – guaranteed! We love how deep the chocolate flavor is, and how quick these come together!

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No-Bake Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

This No-Bake Raspberry Mousse Cake is a double layer mousse cake. The dark chocolate mousse on the bottom is rich with an intense chocolate flavor using melted chocolate and Dutch processed cocoa powder. It’s topped with a delicate raspberry mousse filled with fresh raspberries. These no-bake desserts are the perfect dessert to prepare ahead of time whether it’s a hot summer day or before a big holiday party.

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Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting piped on with a pink background

Very Vanilla Champagne Cupcakes

Our Very Vanilla Champagne Cupcakes are made using Rodelle’s Vanilla Beans, Paste and Extract! If you love vanilla and soft fluffy cupcakes piled high with creamy sweet vanilla-flecked buttercream, this recipe is for you. The cupcakes are simple to make and require no creaming so they are perfect for the amateur baker. Despite the simple techniques, these cupcakes radiate five-star status because they are made with sparkling champagne. The addition of oil makes for the moistest cupcakes too. Our cupcakes are ones you will want to make year-round for all celebrations.

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Ultimate Waffle Board

Everyone will love this buttermilk waffle board filled with a multitude of toppings for an endless variety of flavor combinations! If you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, pair soft, tender, buttermilk waffles with marshmallow spread, mocha chocolate sauce, and dark chocolate chips. If you are looking for a classic combo, there’s lightly sweetened whipped cream and berries. If you are adventurous, you can pair a buttermilk waffle with whipped cinnamon sugar butter, fresh figs, and maple syrup. Breakfast in bed??

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Classic Dark Chocolate Fudge

A delicious and classic recipe. Made with both unsweetened chocolate and Rodelle Baking Cocoa, this fudge is packed with chocolate flavor! We suggest making two batches – one with nuts and one without. This is a great “bring to the office” treat!

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Edible Sugar Cookie Dough Truffles in a bowl with a bite taken out

Edible Sugar Cookie Dough Truffles

Sweet and soft edible sugar cookie dough made with Rodelle’s vanilla extract and vanilla paste is enveloped with a layer of white chocolate studded with vanilla beans. Each truffle is chilled and then drizzled with white chocolate to seal the deal. These edible sugar cookie dough truffles are a perfect blank canvas to add sprinkles (pink! red! hearts!) or edible glitter (even gold leaf if you’re feeling extra fancy!) on top.

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