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We are all about creating memories here at Rodelle! It means a lot to us to hear about your incredible baking and cooking experiences and inspirations. That’s why, one of our favorite times of year is always the RODELLE CHALLENGE! It’s an incredible chance for us to share your wonderful memories with everyone on the Rodelle Team, and all of our wonderful and dedicated fans!

Today’s entry comes to us from Amie Olson. She has shared an incredible story about her Double Layer Chocolate Cake!

“For our 5-year wedding anniversary, I decided to make a double layer chocolate cake to celebrate. My husband was at work, while I was home following the recipe exactly, of course, to surprise him. I poured the batter into 2 round cake pans and put it into the oven. When the cakes came out, they were very flat and a little uneven. For some reason, most likely the baking soda was not fresh enough, the cakes had not raised properly!

I was disappointed, but did not have time to bake the cakes again. I just put one on a decorative plate, covered it with chocolate frosting, then placed the other flat cake on top of the first, again coating it with more decorative frosting. The cake was only half as tall as it should have been when completed, but the frosting made it look edible.

My husband came home, we ate a nice, romantic dinner and exchanged anniversary cards. Time for dessert, I said! I cut him a slice of my celebratory homemade cake and he took a couple of bites. He smiled at me, awkwardly, and said, “I’m sorry, I just can’t eat this.” I laughed and said, that’s alright, it didn’t turn out quite right. We still had a very happy 5th anniversary and I purchased anniversary cakes and stuck to baking cookies and apple crisp!”

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