With the current struggles we are all having to manage the daily changes, the lack of groceries in some areas of the store, and balancing everything, we wanted to share some of our most simple spring recipes. We hope your day will be brightened by the little pops of color and delicious flavor that these recipes bring. And, if you’re spending more time in the kitchen than usual (we certainly are!), we hope to inspire you with some new recipes.

Lemony Coffee Cake Muffins

Indulge in these spring inspired muffins! Our lemon extract and vanilla are the perfect combination of flavors to enhance those deliciously plump blueberries! The best part of this recipe is it has a mix of ingredients that are less likely to fly off the shelves including almond milk and half and half. We encourage you to play around and substitute as needed.

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Vanilla Bean Italian Sodas

Smooth, refreshing, delicious, an oh-so charming! Super easy with just a few ingredients makes this mocktail a treat that you can enjoy with the kiddos as something fun in the afternoon.

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Strawberry Pie

A delicious strawberry filling complimented by a vanilla graham cracker crust. The best part about this recipe? There are 2! First, no flour on this graham cracker crust, so you can have your pie and eat it too even if your grocery store can’t keep flour in stock. Also, if you have older kids at home to help, they will enjoy crushing the graham crackers into the fine crumbs to make this crust!

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Low Fat Berry Cake

This cake is low in fat and can be eaten as breakfast, brunch or dessert which is perfect if you aren’t entertaining right now. Flavored with bright seasonal berries and vanilla, it is perfect for spring.

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Stay healthy and let us know what type of recipes you would like to see the rest of this spring and summer!