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Announcing: NEW PRODUCT!

Recently we’ve added a new product to our spice blends: BAJA SEASONING SPICE BLEND! It’s the perfect ingredient for almost any recipe. It’s ingredients include lime juice powder, chili pepper spices, jalapenos, paprika and more. Add a little seasoning for a mildly spicy flavor to any recipe or add a ton for a spicy KICK!

In honor of our new product, we’ve created delicious and simple recipes that are packed with flavor and are sure to make your mouth water!

Recipes: Baja Shrimp Salad Recipe, Baja Fish Taco Recipe & Baja Hamburger Casserole Recipe.

[1]: http://www.rodellekitchen.com/our-recipes/baja-shrimp-salad-recipe
[2]: http://www.rodellekitchen.com/our-recipes/baja-fish-taco-recipe
[3]: http://www.rodellekitchen.com/our-recipes/baja-hamburger-casserole-recipe