Lob Bread Pud Triple
Memorial Day is just around the corner, May 26th to be exact! We know lots of people like to attend celebrations and get together with friends and family and entertain them. But we also know lot of people hesitate to throw one themselves. So in honor of this wonderful holiday, and this concept, we were inspired to create an easy-to-host, simple to create, featured post to make cocktail parties simple for you to do it yourself!

WEBCapriceThe best place to start, is hor deourves. We recommend mini hor deourves because they are so much easier to make, simpler to serve, and they are so full of such great detail that it looks like you spent even longer on them than you did! We have two delicious options: Lobster Bread Pudding Bites with Vanilla Bean Chive Sauce and Caprese with Vanilla Bean Olive Oil and Vanilla Balsalmic Glaze.

WEBFrozenShootersNext, we’ve created a unique, but simply assortment of frozen cocktails. Of course, what is a cocktail party without cocktails. We’ve made it simple, yet elegant with these little shooters. We infused the alcohol with vanilla beans, and then created incredible recipes to really bring out the bold taste of each cocktail. These are very simple to make them- then you just pop them in the freezer for a unique and delicious treat!

Happy almost Memorial Day! Hope it’s a great one!!