• December 15, 2012

This amazing cookie recipe comes to us from a life-long baker: Sarah of Snixy Kitchen. She’s a busy woman who just passed her qualifying exam, has an upcoming dissertation, and was recently engaged- CONGRATS! Lucky for us, she has taken some time out of her busy life and created some delicious cookies to share with us and you: Mexican Wedding Cookies! She said with the completion of her qualifying exam that she decided to celebrate: “I celebrate by mixing butter with flour and throwing the beer into the batter to bake at 400°F.” From her celebration, comes a wonderful recipe in our Twelve Days of Cookies!

Here’s what Sarah said about it:

“My namesake and home chef extraordinaire taught me this super simple cookie recipe a few years ago, and I have been making it every winter since. For my upcoming wedding, she asked me what her job could be and I replied, “baking Mexican wedding cookies by the billions!” These cookies are seriously addicting.”

In just under an hour, you could have 1.5 dozen of these tasty delights ready to enjoy! Happy Holidays and stay tuned for more cookies!

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