Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
Who doesn’t love frozen yogurt?! It’s fast becoming one of the most popular snacks and desserts because it acts like ice cream but doesn’t hold the same calorie content. We’ve used just a few simple ingredients to create this delicious masterpiece.

We think one of the most important factors of having a healthy recipe, is that you should know and understand every single ingredient that goes into your food. All of these ingredients are easily identifiable and overall, contain some nutritional value.

Our signature vanilla extract is produced from the highest-quality, hand picked, Bourbon vanilla beans. The percolation process produces a superior vanilla extract containing one of the highest vanillin levels in the market offering a deep, rich, natural flavor. We’ve combined our smooth vanilla extract with tangy orange juice which is an excellent source of vitamin C and full of antioxidants. Then it’s on to the rich, and creamy Greek yogurt which is low in calories, packed with calcium and protein! This incredible ingredient has fast been picking up speed as a staple in the foodie world!

It’s so simple to make this decadent and healthy dessert. You simply freeze your Ice cream maker attachment, we’ve used the KitchenAid® Ice Cream Maker Attachment because we like how quick and well it works. Then add your ingredients into a small bowl and whip together for three minutes. After it’s combined, you’ll pour the yogurt mixture into your ice cream maker attachment and whip it into a deliciously thick, and creamy, frozen texture. After you’re done, add a few raspberries or the fruit of your choice for a healthy and indulgent dessert or snack recipe.