In the spirit of being healthier, we’ve done some research about what others are suggesting is a good way to stay healthy. We’re hearing a lot of talk that eating less animal product will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We’ve decided to create a vegan coconut milk whipped cream so that your delicious recipes have a delicious topping that you can feel guilt free about eating!

We think that fresh fruit is always a good way to go. Just add a heaping tablespoon of this vanilla whipped cream to take your fruit to the next level by making it a mouthwatering dessert option.

We found a recent article by Dreena Burton, that gives a few reasons of why dairy might be beneficial to you if you cut it out of your everyday diet.

1. Milk and cheese add to decreased health in cholesterol and saturated fat.
2. Plant based calcium has a better chance for absorption than dairy based calcium.
3. Dairy has no fiber in it which can add to the chances of constipation. By adding a plant based section to your diet, you can avoid the fiber-less issue!
4. Lactose and tolerant is becoming more and more prevalent. Once you hit a certain age, you body struggles to absorb the nutrients it used to get from dairy products, making them an unreliable way to get your calcium.

We’re not taking a stance either way about dairy products, just shedding some light on how people are suggesting is a good way to stay healthy. However, we’ve decided either way, it can’t hurt to provide a dairy-free option for everyone to enjoy!