Amy’s story touched our hearts and made us chuckle! Read on about her holiday baking adventure with her family…

“This year, like most other years, I made sugar cookies for my father to pass out to banks he works with.  This year, however, was different as my sister and her husband needed presents to send out to their supporters as they’re leaving to go in the field as Missionaries in Papua New Guinea in about a month.

They decided that my sugar cookies would be the best thing to give as they are some of the most delicious cookies around, however they needed around 150 dozen cookies.  As I worked hard to make the cookies, using Rodelle Vanilla in the cookies and the icing, I would lay them out on my dining room table so that my husband and I could ice them after our children went to sleep.

One evening, I went to check that the icing wasn’t wet so we could put the cookies in tins, ready for delivery. I first found my 4 year old son out of his bed, where he was supposed to be asleep, and instead in the dining room peering at the cookies.  He was promptly put back in his bed, and I went back to the dining room.  Soon, I discovered that my son, much to my despair, had decided that he had had enough of smelling the wonderful cookies and had pinched little bites of icing off of more than 4 dozen of the 24 dozen cookies that were laid out on the dining room table.  His only response to our questions as to why touched the cookies, which he knew he was not allowed to touch, was “They were just too YUMMY!” My father, after hearing the tale of the ruined cookies, would later pen the following lines, “He saw row upon row of cookies, laying there, day after day, exposed to all but tragically barred from him.  Finally, he snapped, and the 4 year old’s finger plunged in, again and again, ending the torment!

Kids are brutally honest sometimes…at least Amy’s has great taste!