Meg’s story had us cracking up! We loved her husband’s secret stash, but are sure they could have done without the fire…

“I love to bake and there are always plenty of homemade cookies around so it baffles me that my husband John insists on keeping a private stash of dollar store cookies. Yes! He actually hides them from me and the kids as if any of us would even want them! It’s his “thing” and I have found everything from chocolate sandwich cookies hidden in the garage to fake butter cookies way in the back bottom sink cupboard of our guest bathroom.

He hides them everywhere as if it’s a military secret and this has been going on for 15 years. One afternoon before picking up the kids from soccer practice I decided to bake some homemade with love oatmeal raisin cookies. I measured and mixed then turned the oven on to preheat while I left for 15 minutes to get the kids.

As I turned the corner on our block coming home we saw 2 fire truck’s and what do you know, sure enough, they were at MY house! John had stashed 3 bags of those dreadful dollar store cookies in the oven and when I preheated my oven it caught fire! The oven was ruined and my kitchen walls were black with soot. I’ll never forget one of the firemen carrying my oven rack to me in the front yard with all that plastic from the cookie packaging charred and imbedded to it. He had a cheesy smile on his face and said “Looks like your cookies are done.” ¬†Guess he couldn’t resist that one!”

Meg – we hope the vanilla that you won will help bake some more of your homemade goodies for your hubby!