At Rodelle, we believe in supporting the environment, the farmers and growing communities of our vanilla beans and the local community. Read on to learn about various company initiatives that we have launched!

International Support Programs

Vanilla Farmer Association Partnership

Rodelle is proud to announce a partnership with Sahanala Madagascar. Sahanala is an association focused on preserving the environment and increasing farmers’ incomes. The association has created a network of more than 2,100 vanilla farmers and is an employee-owned cooperative that gives 100% of profits back to each farmer-owner.

Rodelle owners Joseph Basta and Daniel Berlin first met with Sahanala association Presidents in Madagascar. It was immediately apparent that a partnership between Rodelle and Sahanala would provide exciting growth opportunities for both entities. Rodelle will be working alongside trained agronomists to provide continued education for the vanilla farmers with the ultimate goal of increasing incomes which improve their overall standard of living. Additionally, Rodelle provides benefits to the farmers like a dedicated health program and pension fund.

Sahanala sells their vanilla beans for a fair price directly to Rodelle. This strong partnership establishes a vanilla extract that is truly from farm to table via traceability initiatives.

Rodelle is thrilled to contribute to Sahanala members, improve vanilla farmers’ quality of life and help to build a middle class in Madagascar.

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The Stove Project

About 75% of families in Uganda cook over an open wood fire and cannot afford electric, gas stoves, or access alternative fuel sources. Our commitment to giving back has inspired Rodelle partners to work with local farmers to launch energy efficient cooking stoves. Our focus is to support a higher quality of health and wellness for the people that make Rodelle possible.

Uganda Rodelle Baking Rodelle social programs to support Madagascar vanilla bean farmers Rodelle social programs to support Madagascar vanilla bean farmers

Program Goals:

  • Reduce fuel consumption by 70% helping to minimize deforestation.
  • Reduce carbon monoxide and particulate matter by more than 80%, therefore, reducing respiratory infections, tuberculosis, and skin and eye burns.
  • In an effort to alleviate these issues Rodelle and Trees, Water, & People have created a collaborative partnership to provide these energy-efficient stoves made from sustainable materials.
  • In creating a sustainable system, we can create an industry that will also uplift the Ugandan economy, all while changing lives.

Water Sanitation

In Uganda, Rodelle helped fund the installation of a new well at an orphanage in a vanilla-growing community near Kampala. Today, the well provides clean water to more than 200 children and staff.

Hope For Madagascar

Proceeds from Rodelle's Annual Vanilla Day 5K run/walk have been donated to Hope For Madagascar in the past. Hope for Madagascar (HFM) is a Boulder, Colorado-based non-profit organization that was founded in 2008. HFM’s mission is to assist the Malagasy in their development of sustainable communities in selected impoverished areas of the country. HFM works to provide and support educational assistance for children, new or improved school facilities, fresh water resources, permaculture gardening, school lunch programs and other educational information.

Community Support Programs

Proudly Wind Powered

We do not take our brand lightly. We are passionate in every avenue of our business. Quality is always top of mind, as well as customer service and global impact. We believe that with success comes responsibility, and we are committed to improving social and environmental standards in communities where we live and work. To be as energy efficient as possible, our corporate offices are built with a drought-tolerant landscape design. Also, 100% of the energy we use is derived from wind power or alternative sources, and 75% of our “waste” is reused or recycled.

Junior Achievement

Rodelle has long partnered with Junior Achievement on their annual Bowl-A-Thon event to raise money for their student outreach programs. Through the event, JA reached over 120,000 students in 2015/2016.

Rodelle also hosts a classroom of students twice per year in an on-site Job Shadow event. Students at the middle and high-school level come to Rodelle's company headquarters to learn about the different jobs at the company, career options and the inner-workings of our manufacturing facility. The Rodelle team has a lot of fun educating the students on their career path and showing the class around!

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