Lauren Newsome
Meet Lauren from Vintage Confections! On Lauren’s site you will find beautiful, much loved, vintage recipes and re-imagined classics. Lauren’s talent with baking, Southern cuisine, and food stories runs strong. Visit Vintage Confections to find you next favorite recipe and create new memories and traditions.
Karen Kelly
Karen of Seasonal Cravings is a certified health coach, whole food enthusiast, photographer, and food blogger. What we love most about Seasonal Cravings is Karen’s seemingly effortless balance of indulgence, healthy, and seasonally-fitting recipes. From savory to sweet and everything in between, Seasonal Cravings is our newest source of recipe inspiration for every day cooking and baking!
Amy Manes
Amy is the talented baker and voice behind Buckets of Yum. Whether you are looking for a classic vanilla cake recipe or something a little more snazzy, like Coffee Stout Brownies, we bet you will be inspired to get in the kitchen and create delicious desserts to share with friends and family! As a Colorado Native, Amy also strives to provide easy to understand high altitude conversions for all of her sweet and yummy treats. Check out Amy’s site today for something YUM!
Reed Mosimann
The Fit Feed by Reed is Rodelle’s newest source for healthy inspiration! With almost 7 years of experience coaching in the wellness space, Reed knows the importance of flavor and ease when it comes to cooking and baking. If you’re looking for a delicious recipe for a main dish, healthy snack on the go (she's a huge fan of energy balls), and even smoothies, check out The Fit Feed by Reed now!
Jennifer Preston
Jennifer is the talented baker, chef, and photographer behind Flour & Floral. She’s all about homemade, made-with-love dishes and desserts that taste as beautiful as they look. With beautiful food and high-quality ingredients, Jennifer believes you can make delightful and unforgettable recipes. Flour & Floral is a place where home bakers and food lovers can come to find their new favorite recipe, food styling and photography tips, or just genuine help and encouragement because our baking endeavors don’t always go as planned! Visit Flour & Floral today to find your new favorite treat!
Hannah Lewis
Husband and wife team, Joel and Hannah, are better known online as the Beard and the Baker. They work with food, talk about food and fell in love over food. And we fell in love with their blog. With a mix of homemade recipes from sweet to savory, there’s something for every occasion. And, if you’ve got a little one at home, you’ll find helpful tips to get the little chef in the kitchen and help!
Kim’s the talented voice behind The Gluten Free Gathering. She’s been cooking gluten-free for her whole family for years and has recently launched her blog to share an ever-growing collection of gluten free recipes. You’ll find Kim’s blog to be a great resource for delicious meal ideas, dessert items, appetizers and more! Check out The Gluten Free Gathering for all her yummy treats!
Lori's blog, The Kitchen Whisperer, is filled with tried-and-true recipes that are tested multiple times to make sure they work for you each time! Lori has a really approachable blog with savory recipes, sweet desserts and more for any occasion. Whether you’re planning weekly meal prep dishes, Friday night pizza or looking for an indulgent dessert, Lori’s blog has you covered! Check out The Kitchen Whisperer for simple and delicious ways to tame your kitchen!
Laura’s blog, Tide & Thyme, is a delicious collection of recipes for everything from simple sides to delectable desserts. Laura’s influence from the Eastern Shore is apparent in her use of fresh, seasonal produce and seafood from the shore. We suggest visiting Tide & Thyme for dinner inspiration, and staying around for dessert!
Oat and Sesame is a blog devoted to delicious balance. Emily, the mastermind behind all of the recipes, has a passion for healthy recipes that are accessible to cooks at all levels. With the occasional treat thrown in, you can trust to find everything from a nutritious dinner idea to a dessert worthy of sharing on Oat and Sesame. Check out Emily’s blog and make some magic in your kitchen today!
Recipes, travel adventures and restaurant reviews are all available on Shamira’s blog, Smiling Notes. You’ll find an assortment of recipes – from sweet to savory! It’s obvious that cooking is a passion of Shamira’s and it shows in her creative and delicious recipes. Check out Smiling Notes for everything from smoothie bowls to pie and your newest favorite appetizer.
Kelly Lynn’s Sweets & Treats is a great resource for from-scratch baking recipes! Kelly is a self-taught baker with a knack for showing her readers techniques and tips to ensure that even the most novice baker can make her recipes. From staples like cookies and vanilla marshmallows, to decadent cupcakes and everything in between, you’ll be sure to find a recipe that inspires you!
Shadi is the published author and talented voice of Unicorns in the Kitchen. She makes everyday favorite recipes and gives them her own twist. Shadi believes that you don't need to spend hours in the kitchen to make a delicious meal, with a handful of ingredients and some love for good food, you can always bring a delicious homemade food to the table! You might be wondering why Shadi’s food blog is called “Unicorns in the Kitchen”? In Shadi’s words, “Unicorns are so magical, they are always happy and jump over the clouds and help everyone. Sometimes, when I make something, it turn out so good that I cannot believe I actually made it! It’s like a unicorn has helped me with it by adding some magic to it when I was not looking! That’s why I say, There are unicorns in the kitchen!” We love Shadi’s fun approach to deliciously tempting recipes and think you will too!
Nut Free Wok is a blog about Allergy Aware Asian Fare by Sharon Wong, M.Ed. While Sharon’s family is very conscious of food allergies, they are not strangers to flavor or fun! We love Sharon’s thorough approach to each of her ingredients and recipes. And we are thrilled that Rodelle’s products align with Sharon’s family’s needs. We think that your family (whatever your eating style) will find a recipe that they will love on Sharon’s site!
Diane is a certified pro at canning – her blog, Canning and Cooking at Home, inspires countless home cooks to expand their techniques at home and practice safe canning techniques. Beyond her passion for canning, you’ll also find that Diane is an excellent baker and cook – we love the Colorado-inspired recipes that can be made anywhere. Check out Canning and Cooking at Home for your canning inspiration and stay for more delicious recipes!
Hannah’s blog, Bittersweet Blog, is a lovely site for everything from candy to your next go-to weeknight dinner recipe. A published cookbook author, Hannah has a great grasp on what goes into a remarkable recipe. Check out the Bittersweet Blog and see for yourself!
Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt is a delicious dessert-focused blog! Miranda's approachable recipes are a mix of quick and easy and special occasion treats that your family will remember for years to come. Like a lot of people, Miranda's obsession for peanut butter and chocolate is strong, so we love the special section for her peanut butter explorations on her site! Looking for the perfect dessert? Check out Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt and get baking!
Amanda is the talented recipe developer, photographer and writer behind A Cookie Named Desire. With a blog title containing one of the most popular sweet treats, you know you are going to be in for a treat! Amanda grew up experiencing a lot of places, foods and cultures, and her recipes demonstrate the deep connection and awareness she has for many types of food and cuisines. We love the sprinkling of savory recipes on Amanda’s site, and you know we’ll always stay for the dessert. Check out her long and varied list of recipes today!
Kellie Rice Cakes is a blog about good food, fun, and living your best life. We love how the talented baker and chef behind the blog, Kelly, comes up with delicious twists on classic recipes and some really fun new recipe ideas! If you’re looking for a special occasion cake, or just a mid-week dinner, you have to check out Kellie Rice Cakes!
We are excited to partner with food loving Kim, author of Lovin' From The Oven! Kim is a fantastic baker and shares this passion in a fun and creative way to her readers. Not to mention, her pictures are INCREDIBLE! Be sure to stop by her blog for amazing recipe ideas and a fun, fresh voice in the food world!
Alli is a Midwestern woman with a sweet tooth and a great blog: Tornadough Alli! Tornadough Alli, named after the storm of baking supplies that we are all guilty of littering our counters with, is a popular blog for sweet and savory recipes alike. We recommend checking out Alli’s blog for family-friendly recipes and show-stopping desserts!
Crystal’s blog Margaritas On The Rocks had us hooked from the very title! We quickly fell in love with Crystal’s delicious recipes, great energy and creativity. As a lifestyle blog, you’ll find more than just your next favorite food perusing Margaritas On The Rocks. We hope you’ll check out Crystal’s site and stay for the fabulous desserts.
Jenny Bullistron is the self-taught cook behind the Chicago-based blog, Honey and Birch. Looking for a cocktail recipe, or perhaps a wholesome and homemade dinner recipe? Look no further than Honey And Birch. We are smitten with Jenny’s dessert recipes – check out these awesome carrot cake cupcakes that she remixed from one of Rodelle’s favorite recipes! Take a few minutes to go through Honey And Birch and you’ll be hungry!
Abby writes Heart of a Baker, our favorite vegan blog! Heart of a Baker features plant-based desserts and savory recipesalike. Using wholesome ingredients and featuring gorgeous photography, Abby whips up creations that make our mouths water. Check out Abby’s recipe index and you’ll see easy vegan baked goods without complicated ingredients – just delicious food.
Sharon is the master mind behind What The Fork Food Blog, where she crafts delicious recipes and shares beautiful photos. Serving up easy gluten-free recipes with a side of sass, Sharon’s recipes range from sweet to savory, and indulgent to healthy. Click here to get to Sharon’s recipe index and get ready to serve up some inspired meals, healthy treats and delicious desserts to your friends, family and loved ones!
A Calculated Whisk is a food blog featuring creative gluten-free and paleo recipes – and they are all delicious and beautiful! We love that Becky is able to turn all of our favorite guilty pleasures into desserts without grains, refined sugars and processed foods and keep all of the flavor we crave. Whether you’re looking for a quick dinner recipe that your family will love, or a seriously yummy dessert, we can’t recommend A Calculated Whisk enough!
Jacquee is the talented voice behind I Sugar Coat It!. This unforgettably sweet blog is all things sweet, and occasionally some savoury dishes mixed in for fun. We love that Jacquee uses the highest quality ingredients to inspire her beautiful and delicious creations. Check out the picture here of the sugar topper that she made from scratch! And, we know that you will flip over her fabulously organized recipe list filled with cakes, cookies and more!
We met Lynn through her love of Almond Extract and knew we would get along perfectly after taking a peek at her recipe collection! Lynn and her family approach dessert as an occasional treat and has some fabulous recipes for treats that will leave your family satisfied until next time! Lynn’s collection of recipes is definitely drool-worthy but approachable enough for novice bakers and chefs. We encourage you to visit Fresh April Flours for your next cake, cookie, healthy treat or mid-week meal!
Diane’s site is the place to find family favorite and kitchen-tested quality recipes! We love the approach she takes on Snowflakes and Coffeecakes to balance easily approachable, timeless classics, and over-the-top delicious creations! From sweet to savory, you’ll be sure to find your next favorite dish on Snowflakes and Coffeecakes. If you love to eat (and who doesn’t!?), get over to Diane’s blog now!
Brianna is the creative force behind Flippin’ Delicious. As a kid growing up in a big family, Brianna’s love for baking and cooking was nurtured at an early age. Now, as an adult, the world can take advantage of all of Brianna’s delicious recipes on her blog! With a focus on creating gluten-free and approachable dishes, we are sure you will find something that you love on Brianna’s site. Check out Flippin’ Delicious for a gluten-free recipe and stay for the fun and flavor – you won’t miss the gluten!
Melanie Bauer is the Melanie behind Melanie Makes where she works to make everyday eats a bit more interesting. She thinks every dessert can be made better with chocolate ganache and believes menu planning is a must for a more enjoyable week. We are in love with this Mocha Hot Fudge Sauce recipe…it is dangerously good! Check out all of Melanie’s recipes to get inspired in your kitchen!
Emilie’s blog, Tales of a Texas Granola Girl, is a fun approach to unprocessed, whole foods with ingredients that your whole family will love! There are a variety of lip-smacking and satisfying recipes for you to choose from on Emilie’s site. And, all of Emilie’s recipes are gluten-free so you can rely on her for flavorful, delicious ideas for celiac food allergies. Check out Tales of a Texas Granola Girl for your next dessert, breakfast or easy dinner idea!
Beth’s blog highlights recipes for sweet tooth lovers! We love the creativity and thought Beth gives every recipe. Her seasonal treats are always on point you can be sure she’s got something great up her sleeve for your favorite holiday. Check out The First Year to get great recipes, add some new favorites to your list and get inspired for the holidays.
Lyuba is the incredible author of Will Cook For Smiles! We are in LOVE with her recipes and photos that really capture the beauty of baking!! It's a very informative, approachable blog that is a treasure chest full of get tips and tricks for success in the kitchen. We highly recommend heading overto see all the delicious creations Lyuba is making!! Recently she just posted a chocolate cake recipe and it is AMAZING: Death By Chocolate Cake!
Tessa over at Salted Plains makes baking and cooking gluten-free treats and meals look like a delicious and easily achievable task. While many of the recipes you will find on Salted Plains are also dairy-free or vegan, they definitely don’t lack any of the flavor or luster of a traditional sweet treat! We have been impressed by the amount of flavor and quality ingredients in all of the recipes we’ve tested from Tessa’s blog and know you will be too! Whether you are new to gluten-free cooking and baking or just want a good place to start, you’ll find Salted Plains to be a great resource!
Mildly Meandering is Madi’s little corner of the internet…and we think it’s a delicious spot to be! Madi’s site has great inspiration for any level of cook or baker. She aims to create simple, yet delicious recipes and you can find something for whatever you are craving on her site. Check out Madi’s recipe index for some great inspiration for the kitchen!
Nicole’s blog, WonkyWonderful, is a true expression of a love for food. A self-taught cook, Nicole offers up approachable and creative recipes that you will love. We’re big fans of the mix of savory mains and scrumptious desserts – not to mention the full gamut of other types of recipes! Hop over to WonkyWonderful to get inspired and find something delicious to make!
Sarah, the fabulous author of Snixy Kitchen has been a long time recipe partner with Rodelle. We're very excited about all of the amazing creations Sarah has whipped up as a Rodelle Brand Ambassador!! Sarah loves to cook from scratch, make up rules as she goes, and constantly reinvents classics by adding her own special twist for her audience to enjoy! Be sure to stop by and try her recipes!
Liz is the creator behind Floating Kitchen’s fun and inventive recipes, which she describes as "sometimes healthy, sometimes indulgent and always delicious". Before developing Floating Kitchen, Liz was a full-time Scientist who completed a PhD in Biochemistry at Dartmouth Medical School and a Post-doctoral fellowship in Cancer Biology at Stanford University. This woman is smart!! Now that Liz is blogging full-time, the kitchen has become her laboratory. Check out all of Liz’s delicious “experiments” over at Floating Kitchen!
Everyday Made Fresh is Joanna’s blog about delicious recipes that her family has tested and approved! We know that you will love the balance of sweet and savory posts on Joanna’s blog. And, trust us, your family will definitely appreciate them too! Joanna’s tag line is: simple, family friendly, delicious recipes; it couldn’t be more true!
Traci is the creator of Vanilla and Bean, a beautiful site named after one of our favorite ingredients! Vanilla and Bean focuses on sweet and savory creations and boasts some beautiful photography and creative recipes. While Traci’s blog is focused on fresh and fabulous vegetarian recipes, we promise that even the most carnivorous eaters will be eating their veggies after they see the care and thought that goes into each of Traci’s posts. With Traci’s background in pastry and baking, we recommend Vanilla and Bean for any cook or baker out there!
If you are looking for amazing kitchen inspirations, you've come to the right spot! Nicole, author of one the award winning blog- Baking Bites, is an incredibly talented food writer and pastry chef with ideas galore! Our relationship began with her love for vanilla and quickly grew into an innovative partnership. Together, our creations also include a monthly recipe newsletter. Be sure to stop by her site for delicious recipe ideas!
Sarah is the talented voice behind Broma Bakery and has been blogging since 2010. Broma Bakery is a glorious collection of beautifully photographed sweets and treats – everything from candies to scones. Be sure to check out Sarah’s recipe index to plan your next special occasion, or even mid-week dessert. We promise you won’t be disappointed!
Peabody, author of the incredible blog- Sweet ReciPEAs, focuses on creating a delicious family friendly blog. Which means wonderfully heartwarming stories, deliciously simple recipes, and overall a great outlook on life! Be sure to visit her site for incredibly delicious recipes like Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwiches.... We are in love!

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