Summer Sweetstakes Grand Prize Winners!

Sweetstakes - grand prize

The Rodelle + KitchenAid + Ovenly Summer Sweetstakes was a fun giveaway for us at Rodelle. We loved watching all of your Facebook posts, Instagram and Pinterest follows and Tweets come across our screens! Over 6,588 people from 10 countries entered over the 2 month contest and we had many loyal participants who were tweeting every day and sharing with their friends. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!!

For each prize level, we’re sharing some great Rodelle gourmet vanilla ingredients, baking essentials and gourmet seasonings!

This week, we are sharing the 5 Grand Prize Winners. But, if you don’t see your name today, keep checking back as we still have 10 more great prizes to assign!

Without further delay, here are the 5 Grand Prize Winners from the Rodelle Summer Sweetstakes!

Daniela Cirillo – New York
Heather Scroggins – Kentucky
Alyssa Miles – Kansas
Jeffrey Lammers – Ohio
Nancy Giese – Alberta, Canada

Congratulations to you all and be on the lookout for all of your prizes from Rodelle and our great partners: KitchenAid and Ovenly!


This Chai Tiramisu is SO easy!


This Chai Tiramisu is so easy and flavorful! Chai, vanilla, cream, and rum…all in an easy-to-assemble and transport dessert. You will not forget this one!

We used pre-made ladyfingers, but you can make your own sponge cake (we have the recipe right here). Then, we whipped up a super simple mascarpone and cream mixture. Top it all off with some dark rum (we used Captain Morgan) and a chai concentrate (like 3rd Street or Oregon Chai) and you are cruising for dessert success.

This dish needs to be refrigerated for 24 hours so all of the flavors can meld and mix. But, it comes together so quickly and easily that it can be made in 15 – 20 minutes and then just throw it in the refrigerator and you’ll be ready to enjoy the next day. The chopped pistachios on the top really add to the flavor, but if pistachios aren’t your favorite, it would be good with walnuts or pecans too.

Let us know what you think of our new favorite Tiramisu recipe! Or, if you are more into the traditional Tiramisu, this recipe is a fan favorite!