2013 Rodelle Challenge – Cookie Day!

We really appreciate all of your entries! They are so much fun to read, and we love seeing that there is a Rodelle Moment in every kitchen! Be sure to sign up and share your moment for a chance to win a year supply of Rodelle Goodies and a KitchenAid® Artisan® Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer!!

Here is one of our newest entries from Joni Hilton in California! Such an adorable story about families coming together, creating new traditions, and influencing others’ lives.

“I have a girlfriend whose mom and three sisters always get together at Christmas-time for Cookie Day. For years they’ve hauled butter, sugar, and flour over to one another’s homes for this festive family tradition. Meanwhile, I had no such relatives, and my first three kids were boys—yes, they enjoy cooking, but getting three rambunctious boys in the kitchen is not a ‘Girl Thang,’ let’s be honest.

Finally I had a daughter, and the two of us fantasized about the day when the boys would grow up and marry. Maybe then we could have a true Cookie Day. And then, last year—Christmas magic. The youngest son married, the second son brought his girlfriend, and suddenly there were four of us, rolling out sugar cookie dough, and cutting it into stars and trees.

I turned our kitchen into Santa’s bakery, made aprons for each of them to wear, and shared my secret for killer sugar cookies: Rodelle Almond Extract. I even put it in the frosting. We cranked up the Christmas music until we could hardly hear each other speak, and a tradition was born. One son had come home with his Great Dane in tow, and we made him our Official Reindeer (although snitching a stick of butter quickly put him on the Naughty List).

We made enough cookies to share with a local church that provides meals for the homeless, and saw a grown man’s eyes tear up as he gently held a decorated cookie. It was as if he were transported to his childhood, and a warm kitchen where almond-scented love was in the air. Another little girl kept looking from the cookies to her mother, then back to the cookies, as if asking if she could touch one. You’d have thought we had come bearing frankincense, gold, and myrrh.

Baking together is a bonding experience like no other. And, sometimes, our efforts result in disaster. But once in awhile, something else happens. And you get a Christmas miracle.”

Such an incredibly story, and hopefully this helped get the creative juices flowing and you’re ready to submit your Rodelle Moment into the Rodelle Challenge! Good luck everyone!!


The 2013 Rodelle Challenge – Alessandra Gambini’s Story


We are receiving so many amazing recipes, and incredible recipes stories!! We cannot wait to taste all your delicious entries! Be sure to enter your Rodelle Moment before December 31st for your chance to win a KitchenAid® Artisan® Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer!

Today’s wonderful Rodelle Challenge entry comes to us from Alessandra Gambini from California:

“October 18th was the National Chocolate Cupcake Day, so i decided to bake some chocolate cupcakes with my adorable three-year-old daughter Angelica. We also decided to throw a little cupcakes party in the afternoon with some of her friends.

We made a chocolate cupcake base, then Angelica and the girls frosted the cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting, Sprinkles, Jelly Beans and Gummy Bears. The girls loved it, and the moms too!!! Being an Italian mom, I love to cook and bake and I want to pass this love for good food to my daughter, just like my Grandmother made with me.”

Such a heart warming story, and an adorable three-year-old covered in chocolate to go with it!

October Brand Ambassador – 365 Days of Baking!!

Each month, we choose two new Brand Ambassadors to represent Rodelle! This month, the incredible LYNNE FEIFER from 365 DAYS OF BAKING & MORE has been chosen! We really love and appreciate her dedication to all things food, as well as her passion for baking! Her wonderful blog started with a commitment to bake for a consistent 365 days! It is now blooming with amazing recipes, unique ideas, and helpful step-by-step directions and photos to make all things food related as straightforward and effortless as possible! We really love the detail and effort that Lynne puts into every post!

When Lynne was chosen to become our Brand Ambassador, we asked her about her blog motivations:

“My most important blog motivation is to share my love and passion for food with others. Since I started blogging in 2011, I’ve found what I want to be 365DaysOfBaking
“when I grow up” and that’s a food blogger. I love creating, writing about and taking pictures of the food. Flavor varieties are endless and I enjoy bringing joy and happiness to people through food. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I’d be doing this and enjoying it as much as I do. I want people to know that they can make, eat and immensely enjoy home-cooked food using quality ingredients. Being in the kitchen can be fun and I want to help people realize that.”

Such an incredible answer! We are so honored to have such a passionate blogger partnering with Rodelle! But naturally, we had to ask, what does she love most about Rodelle:

“I love your vanilla extract! I love that the flavor is fresh and full. It makes anything365Vanilla that I’m making with it taste that much better. I love that you’re still a somewhat small company, but your products are SO much better quality wise and that’s extremely important. I know that, as you grow, you will not compromise your product quality because I understand that’s not who you are or what you want to represent. You have GREAT quality products at reasonable prices which is why I will continue to purchase them and why Rodelle is my first choice for vanilla.”

We really appreciate Lynne’s love for vanilla, and her support for Rodelle, and just knew she would be a perfect fit for our October Brand
Ambassador! She has an incredible way with words, and a distinguished eye for food! We cannot wait to see what she creates and where our partnership will take us! Not to mention, her ALL TIME FAVORITE recipe is, “without a doubt, ice cream. And lots of different flavors!!” Who doesn’t LOVE ice cream?!!

The 2013 Rodelle Challenge: Amie Olson

Rodelle_challenge13_600x600 (1)
We are all about creating memories here at Rodelle! It means a lot to us to hear about your incredible baking and cooking experiences and inspirations. That’s why, one of our favorite times of year is always the RODELLE CHALLENGE! It’s an incredible chance for us to share your wonderful memories with everyone on the Rodelle Team, and all of our wonderful and dedicated fans!

Today’s entry comes to us from Amie Olson. She has shared an incredible story about her Double Layer Chocolate Cake!

“For our 5-year wedding anniversary, I decided to make a double layer chocolate cake to celebrate. My husband was at work, while I was home following the recipe exactly, of course, to surprise him. I poured the batter into 2 round cake pans and put it into the oven. When the cakes came out, they were very flat and a little uneven. For some reason, most likely the baking soda was not fresh enough, the cakes had not raised properly!

I was disappointed, but did not have time to bake the cakes again. I just put one on a decorative plate, covered it with chocolate frosting, then placed the other flat cake on top of the first, again coating it with more decorative frosting. The cake was only half as tall as it should have been when completed, but the frosting made it look edible.

My husband came home, we ate a nice, romantic dinner and exchanged anniversary cards. Time for dessert, I said! I cut him a slice of my celebratory homemade cake and he took a couple of bites. He smiled at me, awkwardly, and said, “I’m sorry, I just can’t eat this.” I laughed and said, that’s alright, it didn’t turn out quite right. We still had a very happy 5th anniversary and I purchased anniversary cakes and stuck to baking cookies and apple crisp!”

Be sure to enter your memorable moment into the Rodelle Challenge for your chance to win a year supply of Rodelle Baking Essentials and a KitchenAid® Artisan® Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer!

The 2013 Rodelle Challenge: Khandra Henderson

Khandra Henderson Zebra Cake
THE 2013 RODELLE CHALLENGE IS IN FULL SWING! One of our very first entries is by Khandra Henderson with her Zebra Cake! She shared an incredible story with us which we’ve posted below. Thanks for entering Khandra!

“I was asked to make a purple zebra print cake for a graduation that will feed 100 PEOPLE (I know that isn’t that big of a cake but the first BIGGEST cake I will make). All she said is that she wanted a marble cake and purple and zebra print with a purple bow and the rest was up to me She had just asked if I could do a sheet cake, but I told her I could go above and beyond and do a 4 tiered cake…bad idea, especially since I have never done a tiered cake before…hahah…but I had such confidence in my self I knew I could do it…

I worked on this cake for a week baking frosting and zebra print decorating..and since I never did a cake this big before I had no idea what kind of supplies I needed, I am pretty sure I went back to the store 5 times to get shorting, eggs, and powder sugar because this was a HUGE cake. When the day came where I had to deliver the cake to her was the most nerve racking day of my life, I had the cake a beautifully staked and it was the BEST CAKE I EVER MADE, 4 tiers double layer marble cake all frosted in buttercream (YUMMMMMY) with fondant zebra stripes and a beautiful bow on the top..but then something was happening to my cake…

The bottom tier was starting to bulge….ohhhhhh NOOOOOOo. So I was praying nothing more would happen to my beautiful cake on the ride to the event..WRONGG. The cake was tearing and bulging even more on the bottom tier on the bumpy ride there. Wobbling back and forth, I could just see it toppling over, but it didn’t. The worst of the worst happened the whole bottom collapsed in from the weight of the other 3 tiers on top of it. I was devastated, mad, angry, frustrated. My hard work completely ruined.

I did not know how I was going to tell her that this beautiful cake fell, but I did it..and lucky me she wasn’t too mad. I promised her a cake for her graduation and I don’t break my cake promises, so I quickly whipped up another cake but a sheet cake like she originally asked, so she got 2 cakes, haha a damaged one free on me and a sheet cake free on me again.

I felt so bad for the collapsed one that it all had to be on me. Even though I didn’t get to see her wow factor on her face for the original cake, she still love the second one, and was understanding that mistakes happen. But a HUGE mental note to me…DON’T TRAVEL WITH STACKED CAKES, and…USE BETTER A STRONG SUPPORT SYSTEM (I was told it fell from not a strong support system for the amount of cake) but in the end I learned from my mistakes and sill make her happy… HAPPY GRADUATION!”