Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House

Introducing Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House! We want to always support our community and give credit to all the wonderful bakers out there.  We especially LOVE those bakers who are obsessed with all things RODELLE!!!

We have partnered with Sugar and asked owner Natalie Slevin to share with us her favorite recipes that highlight Rodelle products.  She will have a new recipe to share with us every other week.  This week we start with an incredible double chocolate layer cake!!!

Sugar Bakeshop & Coffee House:
I was recently asked to name my favorite dessert of all time. I instantly thought of 50 different sweets and 50 different moments that were my favorite for 50 different reasons. Every season reminds me of a classic dessert that I always anticipate because of some fond memory; my Aunt Bink’s lemon bars, the chocolate chip cookies that I made every weekend for a whole summer until I had the recipe memorized, summer pies packed with freshly picked fruit, my Greek mom’s ridiculous baklava, and even, an Easy Bake oven brownie (no judgements please). Food is very emotional, so I do believe that some of my favorite dishes are not necessarily complicated or complex, but just good; Good because of the flavors, or the location of the meal, the season, or of course, the company. So, after I thought for a moment, I realized that there is one dessert that I can absolutely never pass up. It’s not only classic, but also nostalgic…a true go to for any occasion: chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. Sugar overload happens from time to time for me, but no matter what, if our cake decorator is working on chocolate cakes, I ALWAYS snag the scraps. I just can’t help it. My willpower crumbles into a million pieces in a matter of seconds, and my inner child squeals with delight. My association with chocolate cake is one of comfort and celebration. Whether it was a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or just because we had a little extra time in the day to make an after dinner treat, chocolate cake has consistently made regular appearances in my life. We are constantly cranking them through the bakery for the various celebrations of others, and this recipe is my absolute favorite. It’s got a perfect crumb, an amazing chocolate flavor (thanks to the Rodelle cocoa powder), and an overall satisfying taste. It’s not fussy, very simple, and most importantly, classic. What more do you need in a dessert?

At Sugar Bakeshop, we have an open kitchen, so that customers can watch us sifting flours and frosting cakes. The most requested favor? Everyone wants a spoonful of chocolate frosting. This buttercream is light, chocolatey, and a perfect pairing to our chocolate cake…but we certainly won’t judge if you decide to slather it on a graham cracker, or even eat it by the spoonful.

Sugar’s recipe of the week: Chocolate Cake

Vanilla Bean Pancakes with Blueberries

Nothing says “good morning” like hot pancakes doused in syrup or honey. You’ll want to treat your family to these amazingly tasty and fluffy vanilla bean pancakes with blueberries.

These pancakes are one of a kind sweet perfection thanks to our Rodelle Vanilla Beans. Add blueberries like we did, or perhaps you prefer M&Ms, chocolate chips, or even bananas? This is the absolutely perfect recipe to customize to your, and your families favorite! Our beans complement anything you could possibly want to add! Breakfast made easy- ENJOY!

Vanilla Bean Pancakes with Blueberries Recipe

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2012 Scruptious Spring Sweepstakes Winners

A big thanks to ALL OF YOU wonderful Rodelle Fans for participating in the 2012 Scrumptious Spring Sweepstakes! We wish we could have had more winners because the recipes you submitted were so amazing! Thank you!

Drum Roll Please….The 2012 Scrumptious Spring Sweepstakes Grand Prize award goes to….

Dr. Crystal Schmidt and her Carrot Cake Swirled Fudge Brownies with Vanilla Bean Salted Caramel Buttercream Recipe!! Congratulations Crystal, your creativity and mouthwatering recipe have won you a KitchenAid® 5-qt. Stand Mixer!

Runner Up goes to…

Joni Hilton with her Springtime Lemon Cake Recipe! This beautiful cake truly does shout spring! We will be sending you a Gourmet Rodelle Gift Basket!

Winners, please be sure to email

Thank you again everyone for making this contest such a huge success! We appreciate your participation!

Vanilla Bean & Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe

Mother’s Day is only two weeks away so give mom just what she deserves. A beautiful, mouthwatering recipe she’s sure to love!

Our Rodelle Vanillas make this cream filling absolutely dreamy. Combine that with luscious berries and tart fruit an you’ll have one of the most tempting and lovely desserts you’ve ever created.

Vanilla Bean & Fresh Fruit Tart Recipe

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