Rodelle’s Hot Cocoa Recipes from around the world

Rodelle celebrates this holiday season with a spin on the classic holiday beverage recipe: hot cocoa. Rodelle offers three recipes that capture the rich history of this seasonal favorite.

Rodelle’s Gourmet Baking Cocoa takes center stage as the key ingredient that brings food history to life with a new twist on traditional cocoa recipes, including: Traditional Mexican Hot Cocoa, Italian Hot Chocolate – Cioccolato Caldo, and Decadent Hot Cocoa.

All are such simple recipes to make. If you’re feeling like you really want the full experience of delicious hot cocoa, add a scoop of our Rodelle Vanilla Bean Whip Cream Recipe to it!

Rodelle’s Chocolate Syrup Recipe

This decadent chocolate syrup is the perfect base for all your chocolaty creations this holiday season. Rodelle has created this recipe to feature the rich, dark chocolate notes that Rodelle Baking Cocoa provides.

Use this syrup as a base for hot cocoa, hot fudge, chocolate milk, pastry decoration, and in the pastries themselves. Use it in anything that calls for a deep, rich chocolate flavor.

Store in the refrigerator. Set in hot water until warm before using.

Make sure to check out the home page with the Rodelle chocolate syrup demo.

Chocolate Syrup Recipe

Recipes with Cocoa Ingredients : Mexican Hot Cocoa Recipe, Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe with Caramel Sauce, & Cocoa Rubbed Rack of Lamb Recipe

Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe with Caramel Sauce

Trying new recipes is such a thrill. It may work out, or it may be the most disastrous event that ever happened to your kitchen, but the possibility that you may have another mastered recipe is oh so worth it. Creating this recipe was incredibly fun, and they happened to turn out incredible.  These cookies are rich and decadent.  You can serve them by themselves, as a caramel-cookie sandwich (really!), or with the caramel on the side for dipping.  Any way you serve them, they are incredible and sure to impress!

Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe with Caramel Sauce

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