2014 Scrumptious Spring Sweepstakes

Wow! This has been the greatest Scrumptious Spring Sweepstakes yet. A special thank you to KitchenAid for partnering with us and THANK YOU to all of those who participated in our sweepstakes!

There were so many wonderful stories and delicious recipes shared, and we enjoyed reading everyone of them! We are so honored to have such an incredible amount of participants!! All of the recipes that won are also featured on our website so that their delicious creations can be tasted! We've also put them on Pinterest so feel free to share them!

ALL winners please post your response on Facebook and email us your address to dschlichting@rodelleinc.com!

....DRUM ROLE PLEASE.... Your 2014 Scrumptious Spring Sweepstakes Winners Are:

Grand Prize Winner

Hidemi Walsh with Berry Charlotte Cheesecake!!

"May is our wedding anniversary! I make something sweets to celebrate our anniversary every year. Have to use strawberries because both of us love strawberries and also strawberries make very pretty, romantic and sexy desert which is perfect for this occasion!"


Runners Up

Juliana Palmcook with a Mother's Day Monkey Bread

"The night before Mother's Day all through my house-not a child was stirring not even the dog. Visions of cherries tossed in Rodelle's cocoa ran through my head. What am I to serve my beautiful mother in bed?..."


Deborah Grebel with Strawberry Shortcakes!

"Every spring/summer, I bake these shortcakes for almost all of my family cookouts. It's an all-time classic and everyone loves it!"


Saira Gallo with Almond Bread Pudding with Sugar Free Caramel!

"I have a confession to make. I've been holding it in for a little bit. I'm assuming you have been to a doctors office at some point in your life. So you know what..."


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