Vanilla Farmer Partnership

Rodelle is proud to announce a partnership with Sahanala Madagascar. Sahanala is an association focused on preserving the environment and increasing farmers’ incomes. The association has created a network of more than 3,500 vanilla farmers and is an employee-owned cooperative that gives 100% of profits back to each farmer-owner.

Rodelle owners Joseph Basta and Daniel Berlin first met with Sahanala association Presidents in Madagascar. It was immediately apparent that a partnership between Rodelle and Sahanala would provide exciting growth opportunities for both entities. Rodelle will be working alongside trained agronomists to provide continued education for the vanilla farmers with the ultimate goal of increasing incomes which improve their overall standard of living. Additionally, Rodelle provides benefits to the farmers like a dedicated health program and pension fund.

Sahanala sells their vanilla beans for a fair price directly to Rodelle. This strong partnership establishes a vanilla extract that is truly from farm to table via traceability initiatives.

Rodelle is thrilled to contribute to Sahanala members, improve vanilla farmers’ quality of life and help to build a middle class in Madagascar.

Rodelle social programs to support Madagascar vanilla bean farmers
Rodelle social programs to support Madagascar vanilla bean farmers
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