Microfinance Program

Our microfinance program is designed to create a self-sustaining environment as well as allow growth for vanilla farmers and their families. We are committed to this idea because it is important to create a healthy environment for our vanilla farmers, and well as our vanilla products.

How It Works

  • Those people involved in the microfinance program will initially contribute a set amount of money, around $2-3, which will be stored in the lock box.
  • The town votes on three key-holders, which will be the most trustworthy people to be in charge of the lock box containing the microfinance money.
  • The money will be kept for a 9 month cycle of time. During that time, people can apply to borrow money, and the town votes to grant or deny the request based on the person's accountability and responsibility level. Once able, the money borrower is required to pay it back in a specified amount of time with a little interest added.
  • Throughout this process, there will be continual meetings held. These meetings will cover accounting information for the lock box as well as bring the members together to discuss business ideas, and ways to better what they are already doing.
  • At the end of the 9 month cycle, the money is split equally between the participants, with the intention that the lock box amount has grown significantly.

Benefits: Promotes Entrepreneurship

  • Allows people to borrow money from the lock box and start their own business to increase their family's revenue on top of vanilla farming.
  • When they borrow money, they are required to pay it back in a specific amount of time with a little interest. Which in turn grows the lock box revenue.

Project Meeting

Rodelle social programs to support Madagascar vanilla bean farmers
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