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Vanilla & Cocoa Biscotti

Vanilla & Cocoa Biscotti


Biscotti are twice baked biscuits that are traditionally served with vin santo (a Tuscan fortified wine), however, outside of Italy they are more frequently served with cappuccinos, lattes or hearty black teas. These biscotti are very simple to make, and have an amazing almond, orange, and vanilla flavor that will compliment either your morning coffee or your evening aperitif.

Traditional biscotti recipes are generally composed of flour, sugar, eggs, pine nuts, and almonds that are not roasted. However, we felt the need to add vanilla beans, orange zest, milk, and blanched and skinned almonds to really give this recipe an exquisite flavor profile.

Vanilla and Cocoa Biscotti Recipe

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Rodelle Cocoa Krispy Treats

Rodelle Cocoa Krispy Treats


You have NEVER seen Rice Krispie treats like these before! We've taken your childhood's traditional snack and transformed it into a decadent "grown-up" dessert.

We don't mean we've taken the fun out of it! We simply added gourmet ingredients to give your grown-up taste buds the grown up ingredients they deserve. Chocolatey, ooey- gooey, goodness in every bite.

Trust us, this will be EVEN MORE FUN that it was before. Your taste buds will savor every bite, and you won't be able to avoid the inevitable "Mmm" that comes out of your mouth. So common, give into the chocolatey goodness that you and your whole family wont be able to stop eating. That is- if you decide to share it. We brand these delicious Rodelle Cocoa Rice Krispy Treats as ONE OF A KIND AMAZINGNESS you'll probably want all yourself.

Rodelle Cocoa Krispy Treats

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Rodelle Fans, we GREATLY appreciate your participation in our Rodelle Facebook Contest!! We love hearing about all of the wonderful uses you have for vanilla beans!

To make this easiest, we have broken all of your responses up into categories. We would like you to vote on your most favorite category. Come Wednesday, we will pick the winning category and break your answers down even further for you to vote on specific uses. On Friday- we will have a winner for who receives some Rodelle Vanilla Bean Vials!

Please- only one vote per person but feel free to share the contest with your friends for them to vote. GOOD LUCK!


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Vanilla Market Update - May/June 2018

Vanilla Market Update - May/June 2018

June 8th, 2018

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